Burundian indigenous people face several challenges, says UNIPROBA

08-08-2019 In a workshop held on August 7th, the Association for the Promotion of Batwa-UNIPROBA has said indigenous people in Burundi also known as Batwa are confronted with many problems including poverty and illiteracy. Emmanuel Nengo, Chairman of UNIPROBA says Batwa people in Burundi encounter problems such as food insecurity, (...)
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Batwa women faced with several problems

03-15-2019 Discrimination, under-representation in decision-making bodies, lack of land and raw materials for pottery, are among the problems encountered by Batwa women in Burundi. Esperance Minani, a Mutwa from Mwaro, says in the past, a Mutwa woman lived on pottery. Today, it is no longer possible due to the lack (...)

Over 1000 Batwa people from Muhanga receive identity cards

07-18-2018 More than 1,000 indigenous people from the Batwa community of Muhanga Commune of Kayanza Province in the north of Burundi have been issued with National Identity Cards and birth certificates thanks to the funding of US Embassy in Burundi. Hope Association for Young Batwa (Assojeba) in partnership with the (...)

Batwa community concerned over members’ killings

05-24-2018 Emmanuel Nengo, Legal Representative of the Union for Batwa Promotion in Burundi-UNIPROBA says Batwa community is threatened these days. He refers to the last killing of Désiré Kubwami, aged 30, from Muhweza hill in Buhiga Commune of Karuzi Province killed on 18 May, one day after the referendum. “We (...)

National Assembly approves nine new Burundi EALA MPs

04-20-2017 Burundi National Assembly has approved this April 20, nine new East African Legislative Assembly-EALA MPs to replace nine others who had just completed their four-year term. Victor Burikukiye,Mon Mamo Karerwa, Léontine Nzeyimana, Pierre Claver Rurakamvye and Jean Marie Muhirwa are all members of the ruling CNDD- FDD party while (...)

Two corpses discovered in Bururi Province

03-14-2017 Local sources say two bodies of a child and man were found in the morning of 13 March in the Siguvyaye River, near Gisanze area, in Bururi commune of the Southern province of Bururi. After recovering the two bodies from the Siguvyaye River, the body of the child was (...)

Health Ministry sensitizes Batwa community to family planning

12-14-2016 In a campaign organized on 8 December in Gitega central Province, Dr. Josiane Nijimbere, Minister of Public Health, calls on the Batwa community to adhere to family planning. According to a 2014 study conducted by the Union for the Promotion of Batwa (UNIPROBA) on social and political development of (...)

“Batwa are stigmatized”

09-26-2014 The indigenous people of Burundi are optimistic about the 2015 elections. The leaders of the Batwa association (UNIPROBA) made it a priority to motivate all Batwa to participate in the coming elections, since they believe it is the only one way to make their voices heard. An interview with (...)

Batwa salute Communities of Hope support

06-26-2014 Since five years, Batwa from Matara (Bujumbura) and Muyange II (Bubanza) appreciate the great support offered by the Communities of Hope NGO.-Yves Didier Irakoze “I was somehow living like a slave excluded from the community but now I’m integrated and have found my freedom in the community,” states Daniel (...)