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Burundian Politicians disappointed with 20th Summit over Burundi Crisis

02-05-2019 The 20th Summit of EAC Heads of State was finally held in Arusha-Tanzania on February 1 after its postponement for two times respectively on 30 November and 27 December 2018. Burundian politicians, however, diverge on the summit outcomes. Tatien Sibomana, spokesperson for the coalition of independent “Amizero y’Abarundi”, appreciates (...)

Requiem for CNARED?

01-21-2019 From last week, the coalition of the opposition in exile-CNARED suffers defections. Some observers think it is living its last moments. Is everything lost for the coalition? Response elements. Members of CNARED are leaving the platform one by one. Words such as ‘disappointment’ and ‘failure’ appear many times in (...)


01-10-2019 The Burundian Democrats Rally- RDB party, wing of Jérèmie Minani is not satisfied with the achievements made by CNARED.  « Our counterparts continue to suffer in different refugee camps while those living in the country including thousands of illegal and political detainees are bullied”, says Jérèmie Minani, RDB chairman adding (...)

CECAB concerned over situation prevailing in Burundi

12-26-2018 On the eve of the celebration of Christmas Day on 25 December, the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Burundi (CECAB) says there are some facts indicating that the situation in the country needs to be improved. Bishop Joachim Ntahondereye, Chairman of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Burundi says (...)

Museveni gives Nkurunziza lesson

12-17-2018 In a direct letter that the Ugandan President sent to his Burundian counterpart, he judges incorrect the way Bujumbura imposes itself both as the judge and jury in the crisis that Burundi has been going through. “M7, as he is often called, took his time. In a long letter (...)

Ex-President calls on Burundians not to speculate on President Ndadaye assassination case

12-04-2018 After the Attorney General of the Republic reopened the case on the assassination of President Ndadaye, Sylvestre Ntibantunganya, former Burundi President appeals to Burundians not to speculate on the case. The Attorney General of the Republic, Sylvestre Nyandwi, issued on November 30, international arrest warrants against 17 Burundians involved (...)

EAC: 20th Summit of Heads of State postponed to 27 December

11-30-2018 The 20th EAC Summit of Heads of State scheduled on 30 November in Arusha, Tanzania has been postponed to 27 December. The main reason of the postponement is the lack of quorum due to the absence of Burundi government. According to the treaty of EAC community, all Heads of (...)

Burundian politicians expect tangible results from 20th EAC Heads of State Summit

11-27-2018 Despite the request of Burundi Government to postpone the 20th Summit of EAC Heads of State, EAC Chairperson has maintained the schedule set for 30 November, in Arusha, Tanzania. Tatien Sibomana, opposition politician says he expects tangible results from the 20th Summit of EAC Heads of State which will (...)

Politicians perspectives differ on newly elected CVR commissioners

11-24-2018 The National Assembly elected on 22 November, 13 new members of the Truth Reconciliation Commission composed of seven members from Hutu ethnic group, 5 from Tutsi ethnic group and one Twa ethnic group. This new CVR team replaces the first one that would end its mandate in December 2018 (...)

Former chairman of electoral commission elected President of Truth and Reconciliation Commission

11-23-2018 The National Assembly has elected this 22 November, 13 new members of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission-CVR. Among them, seven are from Hutu ethnic group, five are from Tutsi ethnic group and the last one is from Twa ethnic group. The seven new members from Hutu ethnic group are (...)