Armel Niyongere


Justice seizes properties of 42 Burundians allegedly involved in 2015 failed coup

05-16-2019 In a statement jointly issued on Wednesday, May 15, the Attorney General of the Republic and the President of the Supreme Court have decided to seize the real estate of nine Burundians accused of being involved in the May 13, 2015 failed coup. The measure is applied on two (...)

Goodbye to ICC

10-30-2017 The deadline for Burundi’s total withdrawal from the International Criminal Court has arrived. Bujumbura rejoices while the families of the victims express disappointment. Bujumbura government exults as it is now done with the International Criminal Court, a sword of Damocles hanging over its head. Burundi decided to withdraw from (...)

Burundi: Target for ICC?

09-11-2017 The UN Commission of Inquiry released a report on Monday (September 4th). It requests the International Criminal Court to investigate crimes against humanity committed in Burundi. The Commission refers to “an organized plan in the pursuit of a common policy.” This is a widespread and systematic attack against the (...)

Developing Countries reject EU sanctions on Burundi

06-24-2017 Europe failed to convince members of the African Caribbean Pacific bloc. The resolution condemned the situation and proposed sending observers in Burundi to protect civilians, disarm the ruling party youth and press the Burundian government to engage in inclusive dialogue. The failed EU resolution also asked the ICC to (...)

Justice for Burundi hopes ICC to open investigations on Burundi

06-20-2017 On 19 June, A delegation of the collective of lawyers grouped into ‘Justice for Burundi’ defending victims of the Burundian crisis made of Alain Detheux, Armel Niyongere and Bernard Mainguin held meetings in the office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to assess the progress of the (...)
Human Right

Burundi delegation absent in 35th ordinary session of Human Rights Council

06-14-2017 The 35th ordinary session of the Human Rights Council is taking place in Geneva. The human rights situation in Burundi will be studied from 14 to 15 June. The commission of inquiry into the situation in Burundi since 2015 will submit the second oral report to the council. The (...)
EAC integration

Civil Society unsatisfied with outcomes of 18th EAC summit

05-23-2017 « The East African Community is unable to find a solution to the Burundi crisis which has already claimed more than 2,000 human lives, forced at least 500,000 people into exile, made hundreds of Burundians victims of enforced disappearances and led to arbitrary arrests of more than 8,000 people”, (...)

When scholarship loan system goes bad

04-03-2017 The representatives of students of the University of Burundi and High Teachers’ Training School (ENS) have been subject to kidnapping, detention, intimidation etc. since the past few days. The cause was their claim on an abrogation of the scholarship loan system. Signatories of the strike notice sent to the (...)

Victims of 2015 crisis ready to collaborate with ICC commission of inquiry

02-20-2017 This is included in the correspondence of 17 February sent to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court-ICC by the collective of lawyers defending the families of victims of crimes against humanity and other criminals in Burundi. Armel Niyongere, one of the lawyers says the correspondence contains hundreds of (...)
Human Right

Lawyers of victims offer to collaborate with UN Commission of Inquiry

12-08-2016 The association of lawyers defending the victims of the 2015 crisis and their clients say they are willing to collaborate with the UN commission of inquiry composed of three experts. The inquiry aims to identify the perpetrators and accomplices of crimes committed in Burundi under ICC jurisdiction. “The association (...)