Alain Aimé Nyamitwe


Burundi Government urges DRC to clarify killings of Burundians in Kamanyola

09-18-2017 At least 39 Burundian asylum seekers have been killed while 127 others seriously wounded in a clash with Congolese Security forces this 15 September. Burundi government urges the DRC, UNHCR and MONUSCO to shed light on their death circumstances. The government of Burundi recommends the DRC government, UN Refugee (...)

Burundi accuses the West and international organisations of conspiracy

06-29-2017 Government ministers and members of the Parliament have claimed that the international community’s worry over security and human rights is a plot against Burundi. Four government ministers in a Q&A session with two parliament commissions have claimed anew on Wednesday that Burundi is victim of a conspiracy by some (...)

EU for inclusive dialogue to end Burundi crisis

05-10-2017 “Let us be clear, the situation in Burundi has not yet normalized since the 2015 events,” says Wolfram Vetter, EU Ambassador to Burundi, on the celebration of the Europe Day, on 9 May. He says peace is still fragile and superficial in Burundi. “Cases of human rights violations, torture (...)

Human trafficking persists despite country being well-equipped to discourage it

04-14-2017 The Minister of External Relations and International Cooperation has said Burundi has sufficient legal tools for the police and justice to discourage human trafficking. During a Q&A session with the Senate on Thursday, Alain Aimé Nyamitwe, was asked what should be done to prevent the recurrence of cases of (...)

Foreign Affairs Minister: Ambassadors must attend official ceremonies

12-08-2016 Burundi Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alain Aimé Nyamitwe, sent a note verbale on 5 December to diplomats accredited to Bujumbura. “Heads of Diplomatic Missions invited to official ceremonies must be present physically. They may only be represented when they are outside the country and this has to be notified (...)

Burundi at the crossroads

11-02-2015 An inclusive inter- Burundian dialogue, which responds in part, to the demands of the international community , a willingness to extradite certain ” dialogue attendees ” a disagreement with the mediation … Will Bujumbura keep its promises ? By Elyse Ngabire, Rénovat Ndabashinze and Edouard Madirisha translated by Diane (...)