Flydubai starts direct flights to Bujumbura

10-02-2014 The inaugural flight of Flydubai to Bujumbura, was welcomed last Tuesday by traditional drummers and dancers.-Yves Didier Irakoze There will be two direct flights a week on Tuesday and Friday. A round- trip ticket Bujumbura-Dubai is currently $399 for economy class and $1100 for business class. Salau, Commercial Director (...)

Road traffic standards must be respected

12-21-2013 Now, the Road Traffic Police are fighting against too old cars. Buses are among the cars which are often arrested because a big number of them don’t respond to road traffic standards. But according to bus drivers, the decision is too harsh.-ByLorraine Josiane Manishatse Since this last week, cars (...)

Overloaded trucks, the main cause of roads deterioration in Burundi

11-20-2013 According to Pierre Bayihishamwo, the Director of Road planning in the Ministry in charge of Transport, the authorized loaded weight is 53tones in Burundi. But some trucks often exceed 200tones. There is no an overload system control because of the lack of axle weighing equipment – By Lorraine Josiane (...)