High ranking army officer “accidently” shot dead by sentry

Major Dieudonné Karashira killed by his brother-in-arms

Major Dieudonné Karashira killed by his brother-in-arms

Burundi army confirms reports of the death of Major Dieudonné Karashira shot last night 25 January in the Eastern Province of Cankuzo.

The army spokesman, Gaspard Baratuza, says the officer was “accidently shot by a soldier on sentry duty”.
He says the officer was checking soldiers on sentry duty.

Without giving a “Halt!” command, the sentinel shot the officer, says Baratuza.

The army spokesman says the sentinel is being questioned.

Baratuza refutes reports that the officer was killed by a soldier he was going to arrest. He says people who make such reports are pursuing their agenda by distorting the information.

Reports of incidents such as this are rare. A remotely similar case occurred on 22 March 2016 when Lieutenant-Colonel Darius Ikurakure was assassinated in Bujumbura.

The incident happened in the compound of the army headquarters in broad daylight by an assassin in uniform. The murderer, who could not be identified, vanished after killing the officer.