Antoine Kaburahe


A sad anniversary

10-20-2020 By Antoine Kaburahe In two days’ time, our colleagues, Agnès, Christine, Egide and Térence will complete one year in prison. For nothing. And yet there are fine speeches, every day. Speeches about a “calm” country, run by a government described as “mvyeyi” (good parent). But which parent would lock (...)

Politics/Analysis – Three questions on the latest International Crisis Group report

04-10-2020 ICG, International Crisis Group, has just published a long report entitled “A First Step Toward Reform: Ending Burundi’s Forced Contribution System”. Iwacu spoke to Nelleke van de Walle, ICG’s Central Africa Officer. International Crisis Group has just published a report on the system of “forced contributions”in Burundi. What are (...)

Fribourg, Switzerland: the Last Dance

08-23-2018 Some twenty Burundian artists invited to perform at the 44th edition of the Fribourg International Folklore Festival have “vanished into thin air “, to use the words of a Swiss media. I will not comment such “disappearance”, because fleeing one’s country is a personal choice, very difficult and always (...)

ANALYSIS – Burundi: Nkurunziza Referendum that solves nothing whatsoever

05-27-2018 By Antoine Kaburahe and Jean-François Bastin* Ever since 2015, polls in Burundi have been manipulated by a regime desperate to get out of the political quagmire it brought about. Each and every time, it completely failed. The constitutional referendum of May 17 has just, once again, proven this fact. (...)