' One of the basic schools to be closed

Six “unauthorized” basic schools to be closed in Bujumbura

05-30-2017 “We don’t know what will happen. Teachers are not regular and we are afraid our school program won’t be completed”, says a student from the “ Ecole Fondamentale De la Chance de Kanyosha”. He says they have begun the school year at 150, but now, they are four students (...)
' Ngagara

Parents question whether “schools of excellence” will yield better results

09-13-2016 The idea of “schools of excellence” is viewed with skepticism by parents who doubt the schools will yield better results. The Ministry of Education claims the outcome will be positive as learners will be in an environment conducive to quality learning. Parents are questioning whether the new “schools of (...)
' Mashandari

No Good Results Expected in Primary and Secondary schools

01-09-2015 The programs of primary and secondary schools resumed on 5 December, after a two-week holiday.Syndicates of teachers predict bad results at the end of the school year if nothing is done.–By Jean Berchmans Siboniyo Blue and white, black and white, or purple and yellow; these are pairs of color (...)
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