' Presumed rebels?

Presumed rebels?

02-06-2017 124 Burundians from the prisons of Uvira and Bukavu in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo were handed over to Burundian authorities on 31 January. An action which has not been understood. Written by Agnès Ndirubusa and translated by Pierre Emmanuel Ngendakumana “I am a ‘rebel refugee’. I boarded (...)
' The captured children

More than fourty children caught in the battle field

07-23-2015 Minor children surrendered themselves after the fights in Cibitoke and Kayanza provinces. Human Rights defenders ask for their immediate release.-By Jackson Bahati translated by J.Berchmans Siboniyo They all are boys. Their age varies between 15 and 17. The forty one children look very desperate. They are imprisoned in one (...)
' Rebelles

Hundred ‘rebels’ captured

07-22-2015 At least one hundred ‘assailants’ were arrested, while others rendered themselves in Cibitoke and provinces between July 10 and 13 July. During a press briefing held by the army on July 13th in Bukinanyana, a slew of hungry and docile youths were exhibited.-By Armel Uwikunze translated by J.Berchmans Siboniyo (...)
' One of the bodies of rebels killed at Bambo mountain ©Iwacu

The Aftermath of the ‘Dumb’ Rebels

01-22-2015 A 5-day war broke out in Murwi and Bukinanyana communes in Cibitoke province three weeks ago. The national army reported that more than 95 rebels were killed. Some of the corpses are still at the site while others are badly buried. The population is scared that they may catch (...)
' rebelles

Extrajudicial killing cases at Cibitoke

01-09-2015 According to the Chairman of APRODH, during a confrontation between the Burundian army and armed rebels which took place inCibitoke Province between 30 December 2014 and 4 January 2015, 95 assailants were killed, 37 cases of which qualified as extra-judicial killings.–By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse 95 assailants, 2 Burundian soldiers (...)
' 4-des-5-arrêtés-copie

Cibitoke : young Burundians accused of being “rebels” of the opposition

10-09-2014 Five young Burundians have been arrested and accused of participating in a rebel movement formed by Burundian opposition parties, operating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). They are detained in Buganda Communal prison.-Jackson Bahati; translated by Lorraine Josiane Manishatse According to the police officer who is investigating (...)
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