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Police claim shared responsibility for illegal objects smuggling into prison

02-28-2017 Illegal items seized in Mpimba central prison have shown that security control is lax. The police say guards and penitentiary administration are to blame. In reaction to evidence of the introduction of prohibited objects and products in the prison, Pierre Nkurikiye, the National Police Spokesman, blames both the guards (...)
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Hussein Radjabu Evasion: A first attempt, a master success

03-10-2015 El Hadj Hussein Radjabu is no longer imprisoned at Mpimba Penitentiary Prison as of Monday 2nd March- By Philippe Ngendakumana translated by Diane Uwimana No smashed door, no sounds, no gunshots. His first escape attempt was a great success. The escape of the prisoner – sentenced for 13 years, (...)
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The Appeal date of MSD-youth is postponed

11-07-2014 The trial of members of Movement for Solidarity and Democracy (MSD), accused of rebellion, scheduled for 27 October was postponed once again to 1 December 2014. The defense worries about the lack of will on the part of the appeal court.-By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse On Monday 27 October, at (...)
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