' Lt-Col Marc Nimburanira a Heart specialist : “Burundi Government should give scholarships to doctors so that we can have cardio-paediatricians who will be able to deal with catheterization and surgery for children suffering from heart disease.”©Iwacu

No hospital for catheterization and heart surgery in Burundi

08-22-2013 According to Lt-Col Marc Nimburanira, a Heart Specialist, at least two children suffering from congenital heart disease come for consultation per day while a child suffering from acquired heart disease is consulted per week-by Lorraine Josiane Manishatse Among children who have heart disease, the majority suffers from congenital heart (...)
Illegal coltan and cassiterite traffickers arrested in Kirundo as they attempted to smuggle the minerals to Rwanda.

Surge in illegal – and failed- mineral traffic attempts

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