' Gatunguru

Gatunguru: a watched pot never boils

09-10-2014 Since the catastrophic situation occurred in Gatunguru areas (in Kinama Commune) on 9th February 2014, nothing is done to restore the Gasenyi River. An expert alerts.-By Diane Uwimana Two of the three nozzles leading the Gasenyi River waters are blocked. At the time where the rainy season comes close, (...)
' Victims living in the Buterere Sites receiving a return package  ©Iwacu

All torrential rain victims return home

06-30-2014 At the end of this week, all victims of the torrential rain of 9th February 2014 will go back home. However, they complain that the return package is insufficient and call for assistance.-By  Diane Uwimana All the victims of the torrential rain gathered in different sites such as Kinama (...)
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