' Fundamental Schools of Ngagara 4  ©Iwacu

Fundamental school is still challenged

09-08-2014 Even though the school year 2013-2014 will start on September 15th, there are still many challenges. The second year students of fundamental school don’t have classrooms; there is a lack of basic teaching material, classroom supplies and teachers.–By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse In many communes of Burundi, the fundamental schools (...)

Fundamental School: « There is still a long way to go »

04-23-2014 The fundamental school system, some advantages and challenges after six months.-By Diane Uwimana At the international level, a fundamental school must fulfil the increasing access and equity, quality improvement, learning pertinence as well as change processes. Antime Mivuba, an educational expert, indicates that it is very early to notice (...)
' “[…] when you miss out on a teacher you miss out on everything,” says Mrs. Eulalie Nibizi, Chairwoman of the Trade Union of Education Workers (STEB) ©Iwacu

The Fundamental School Program: the present situation

10-10-2013 Three weeks have passed since the new Fundamental School program was officially launched. After being so controversial, one could wonder what the results are so far, and the kinds of challenges encountered by teachers and pupils– By Joanna Nganda Earlier this week, a lot of school administration offices were (...)
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