' Burundi senators accuse EU parliament of working on false information

Security forces and justice agents are punished according to law, say Senators

08-02-2017 Burundi Senate organized a plenary session to analyze the recent resolution adopted by the EU parliament on the situation prevailing in Burundi. It has accused Burundi government of advocating impunity. Senators say offenders are sanctioned according to the law. In its resolution adopted on 6 July, the EU Parliament (...)
' Trio

The trio, soon in UK to represent Burundi

04-08-2016 They have started rehearsals before hands. Peace and Love, Intatana and choeur d’unité d’Afrique are invited in U.K in the Afri-nghom festival to represent Burundi from 27th to 29th July. They are working hard though they have three months to go. (...)