' Displaced Somalis fetching water from taps installed by Burundian troops

Withdrawal of AMISOM, “Gradual process”

05-11-2018 Resolution 2372 provides for the withdrawal of troops from the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) by 2021. However, this operation will take into account the realities on the ground. “Indeed, this resolution states that in 2021, the transition will have to be completed. But, it stipulates that this (...)
' Burundian troops in Peacekeeping mission in Somalia-AMISOM

Burundi soon withdrawing its troops from Somalia…

01-16-2017 The deputy head of the civilian cabinet to the president wrote a letter on January 10 to the minister of foreign affairs emphasizing the imminent withdrawal and immediate return of Burundian troops engaged in peace keeping mission in Somalia. According to Dr Sabine Ntakarutimana, Deputy Head of the civilian (...)
' Alain- Guillaume Bunyoni (left) and Emmanuel Ntahomvukiye (right) were invited in the session of Oral questions in the National Assembly

Burundian Troops under scrutiny by lawmakers

11-04-2016 Lawmakers in the National Assembly questioned Burundi’s role in Somalia on 3 November. Burundi currently provides over 5,000 troops to fight for the African Union’s peacekeeping force, known as AMISOM, against the Islamic militants, Al Shaabab. Lawmakers focused on two issues: the delayed payment of troops currently deployed and (...)
' Burundi peacekeeping mission convoy ambushed in Somalia

AMISOM Burundi contingent rotation deferred

10-21-2016 On October 10, AU decided to delay the placement of Burundian contingents deployed in the African Union peacekeeping Mission in Somalia [AMISOM] expected in November 2016. The spokesman of the Burundian army colonel Gaspard Baratuza denies this information. “Contrary to what is said, AU has not suspended the rotation (...)
' Silas-Ntigurirwa-1

Lieutenant General Silas Ntigurirwa satisfied with his achievements in Somalia

01-02-2015 The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) Commander, Lieutenant General Silas Ntigurirwa has completed his tour of duty. The outgoing Burundian Commander was sent off with an exemplary Guard of Honour by joint Burundian and Ugandan forces on Monday 15th December 2014.-By Lorraine JosianeManishatse During his year-long command, the (...)
' The three visitors (Ray Mabus, Dawn Liberi and Silas Ntigurirwa) were given an opportunity to shoot targets with a Kalashnikov.©Iwacu

US Secretary of Navy has recently visited Burundian AMISOM soldiers at Mudubugu camp

12-03-2013 General Ray Mabus was glad to witness the steps already achieved in the training offered by American trainers to Burundian army. This is done for strengthening partnership between America and Burundi to fight international terrorism in Somalia.–Diane Uwimana “Marines’ skills are very important for Burundi and America,” declares General (...)
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