Six markets rehabilitated and one newly constructed thanks to EU funds, inaugurated

The government of Burundi with the EU inaugurated six markets rehabilitated and one newly constructed in Ruziba, Kanyosha zone in Bujumbura on Wednesday 10th August 2017. This project was funded by the EU.

“Ruziba newly constructed market”

“Ruziba newly constructed market”

Different authorities from the government, ambassadors from European countries and a big crowd of people were present for the ceremonies to inaugurate six markets rehabilitated and another newly constructed one. Burundi government authorities thanked the UE for their partnership.

“We would like to thank the EU country members for their support. After Bujumbura central market caught fire, the EU showed their concern through their aid equivalent to more than 4million Euros that helped in the rehabilitation of six peripheral markets namely Kanyosha, Musaga, Jabe, Ngagara, Kinindo and Kinama as well as the construction of Ruziba new market. We recommend traders to protect theirs goods in insurance companies”, said Pascal Barandagiye, Minister of the interior.

The EU Ambassador said the rehabilitation of those markets is one of the initiatives to strengthen partnership with Burundi “When Bujumbura central market burned in 2013, the EU ambassador of the time came on spot and agreed to help. It is in this perspective that Ruziba market has been constructed and six others rehabilitated in peripheral areas in Bujumbura. We hope the 1680 stalls available will be useful to Bujumbura people. This is one among other projects we do in partnership with Burundi government”, said M. Wolfram Vetter, the EU Ambassador.

People expressed their satisfaction but said they are doubtful about the distribution of the stands “I am very happy but I fear we won’t be able to get back our stands. You see now how the market looks like. It will be attractive to rich people and probably we won’t get our places”, said a young man met at Ruziba new market.

The Bujumbura mayor said people who have a market registration card will have their stand. He encourages the population to take care of the market and work hard for both their economic empowerment and country’s development.