Mariette Rigumye


OXFAM to close its offices in Burundi

06-16-2020 The British organization Oxfam International which has been working in Burundi since the 1990s is to close all its offices by 2022-2023. Joel Ngba Nyanding, Country representative of OXFAM in Burundi, says this closure was not caused by a particular problem in the country. The financial crises within the (...)

National exam starts with irregularities

06-10-2020 The national examination of ninth grade students in basic schools has started on 9 June across the country. The directors of some exam centers in Bujumbura city, say the examination is, in general, going well, except some few irregularities noticed at the beginning. “We started the work early in (...)

Triple ballot of May 20 : CNL party files complaint to Constitutional Court

06-01-2020 On Thursday, May 28, the National Congress for Liberty (CNL) submitted its file to the Constitutional Court. Agathon Rwasa, its president, second in the presidential race, claims to have irrefutable evidence that there has been fraud in the recent elections. At 2.30 p.m. Agathon Rwasa arrives at the Constitutional (...)

2020 elections :”Match without referee?”

05-18-2020 With voters’ lists not posted, voters without voting cards, the opposition “sidelined” in several polling stations, political activists in prison and others in hiding, etc, the National electoral commission  is accused of failing to fulfill its mission. For its part, it explains that the process is properly carried out. (...)