Pierre Claver Mbonimpa hospitalisé

Pierre Claver Mbonimpa hospitalisé ©O.N/Iwacu

Pierre Claver Mbonimpa hospitalisé ©O.N/Iwacu

Le président de l’Aprodh, incarcéré à Mpimba pour ses propos sur une présence de jeunes burundais en formation militaire en RDC, a été hospitalisé au complexe hospitalier Bumerec, à Bujumbura.

Selon des sources proches de sa famille, l’activiste a été admis en début d’après-midi sous le coup d’une hypotension. Depuis, aucune information ne filtre sur l’évolution de son état de santé.
On rappellera que la santé fragile de M. Mbonimpa ainsi que son âgé avancé avaient été les principaux arguments de sa défense pour demander sa libération provisoire, en vain.

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  1. C’est le génocide qui continue..Entre temps, Monsieur se trouve à Ruyigi pour des bizarroïdes croisades de prières à laquelle toute personne nommée par décret est appelé à marquer par sa présence. Le Burundi de Nkurunziza fait pleurer

  2. avatar joan!

    wow i hope he gets well soon
    as of the judges ,the government ,police forces ,it is disgusting how they treat people with no humanity ,he probably got medical attention because he is a high profile person, they probably want to impress the international community by being a little human to get somm
    e money but for us we don’t care as long as he gets well and free as well
    this calls for all the Burundians to fight for human rights, to take a stand because tomorrow it might be your brother out there fighting for his life just because he had a different opinion of things
    it does matter whether you are imbonerakure or not, hutu or tusti ,black or white because
     » injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere  » Martin Luther king ,jr

    • avatar raoul

      Don’t be fooled by his past work. What this man did was beyond the scope of human rights. Why did he used wrong pictures ? The UN recently said that there were no I’m bone rature found in Congo. So why did he do that ?? He is working hands in hands with the people from opposition. They tried to used his name and either fooled or corrupted him just to get (fake) dirt on the current government because of the coming elections.

      • avatar joan!

        @ raoul
        how would you feel if you were put in jail for making allegations that pierre claver mbonimpa is working with the opposition ,that would be wrong,isn’t it ? at this point it doesn’t matter if they are true or not ?
        it is your opinion and you are allowed to that, so now go ahead and ask for investigations if this is true or not ,you are still a free man because it is still your opinion and you are entitled to ask for those investigation whether they happen or not
        if they do happen and they find out that these are false allegations, you may be charged for making false allegations, but you are not convicted ,you can be convicted if they find out that you made an accusation with the intent of making the other person be a subject of investigation and knew that he was innocent . and your prior criminal record can also impact your sentence if found guilty
        so logically , do you think he is in jail because of his opinion or not ?
        whose human rights did he violate again ?, those pictures i admit i find them faked but no man should go to jail for that and he and other human activists are asking for unbiased investigation
        so you said not to be fooled by his past work ,he did many good deeds helping those who were oppressed by the same regime that put him in jail , but no that doesn’t count so your argument that he did use fake picture should put him

  3. avatar Vuvuzela

    Urware ukira mzee.

    Ndasavye Peter yifate mujisho akurekuze kurwenge.

    Excellence President, ndekurira uyo muntu imfura y’Uburundi nka wewe. Uzoba ufashije abarundi isinzi nkuko wama.
    Mbaye ndagushimira.