Usalama III: Burundi Police announced the results of its operation

André Ndayambaje, Burundi police director general

André Ndayambaje, Burundi police director general

In a press statement released on the 26th July, the police director general Andre Ndayambaje said that “Usalama III”, a joint operation which targets human and drug trafficking , illegal migration , vehicle theft , small arms and light weapons proliferation, crimes against the environment , terrorism and fugitives has been carried out in 26 African countries.

Ndayambaje explained that that operation which aimed at fighting against transnational crimes was conducted from 29 to 30 June in Eastern and Southern African countries. But, in Burundi, due to the preparations for the celebration of the 54th of the Independence Anniversary, this operation was carried out from the 2nd to 4th July under the coordination of the Burundi National Police.

According to the police director general, 12 Burundian women and girls were arrested at Goma in DR Congo going to Oman and 4 other women were apprehended at the Bujumbura International Airport. Three men accompanying them were also arrested for investigation reasons. Five girls who were going to Tanzania and accomplices in human trafficking were interrogated at Mabanda, in the south of Burundi.

He added that five people, including three Congolese, one Rwandan and a Tanzanian were arrested by the police for illegal migration.

Ndayambaje reported that 954 bowls of cannabis and 581 kg of hemp were seized. He mentioned that six suspects of drug trafficking were arrested for investigation reasons. However, he regretted that any stolen vehicle wasn’t found out of 350 checked vehicles.

He emphasizes that, five grenades made in China were seized in rural Bujumbura.

For crimes against the environment, the police deplore the arson that destroyed more than 30 hectares of Ruvubu natural reserve, the uncontrolled exploitation of rivers crossing Bujumbura City and uncontrolled quarrying in the hills overhanging Bujumbura.

Ndayambaje stated that during Usalama III police operation recorded no case of terrorism but a fugitive named Richard Ndayirukiye who was wanted by the Burundian justice was arrested in Rusaka area, in Mwaro province.

The Director General of the Burundian police concluded that 35869 litres of prohibited drinks as well as 3000 kg of malt used to make those drinks were seized and destroyed.

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