Two persons killed in grenade attack in Gitega

Two people were killed and 22 others wounded in a grenade attack that occurred in the night of June 10 in Birohe area of Gitega Commune in Gitega central province. A woman who was selling peanuts died on the spot and seven people including one soldier were seriously injured.

GitegaBirohe residents say the attack was carried out around 7 p.m. in a bar. “I was quenching my thirst with a friend when I heard a grenade explosion near the bar. Shrapnel hit me on left ear, “says a Birohe resident. Inhabitants of the locality say the place was calm before the explosion.
Jean Marie Ndayisenga, a victim currently hospitalized in Gitega Hospital says he feels agonizing stomach pain. “I think grenade fragments tore my stomach,” says Ndayisenga.

One of Birohe administrative authorities says it is difficult to ensure security in this locality, arguing that many people including military and police officers assigned to various areas of Gitega Commune meet in that locality. “This place has become like a meeting place for many people from various areas. It’s hard for us to identify criminals, “says a local authority.

On June 11 the police conducted a search operation in Birohe area but found nothing suspicious. Police authorities urged residents to control the movement of people entering the area and inform security forces whenever they suspect a criminal. Three other grenade attacks were carried out in Gitega Commune within two months.

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