Total panic among Kinindo residents

street commonly called “Kuba Chinois”: where the victim was attacked

street commonly called “Kuba Chinois”: where the victim was attacked

“In the early morning of 9th August, we saw a car that seemed to be abandoned in a gutter on the street commonly called “Kuba chinois” in Kinindo area, south of Bujumbura. We were surprised because we didn’t know what had happened,” said a shopkeeper met there.

He explained that they finally heard that an inhabitant from the same locality was ambushed by a group of at least seven persons armed with machetes on the same street while going home in the night. The victim was able to escape but left his car in the street. “He was saved by private security agents from that locality,” he added.

The same case was also reported in Kibenga neighborhood in Kinindo. “A Kibenga resident was attacked by armed people not yet identified. The victim was going home in the middle of the night. Criminals injured him on the head and stole him all his money and mobile phone,” said N.S a Kibenga resident.

The same source deplores the fact that these days, some people from Kinindo can no longer get out of their houses after 22hrs for fear of possible attacks in the street. “We are not safe at all; we are worried about our families.

If nothing is done immediately those criminals will start to break in and steal or kill people,” worries N.S

The Burundian police say they are aware of those criminal acts. “We have already recorded two or three cases of attacks in the south of Bujumbura, especially in Kinindo area”, says Pierre Nkurikiye, the spokesman of the Burundian police. He reassures the population in that locality that effective measures are being taken to combat such crimes.

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