' Jean Louis Nahimana: There is a law that provides for sanctions against people who may refuse to cooperate

Women and youth to be included in memory management of painful past

03-23-2018 Women and youth are two categories of people that suffer the most during and after the conflict period. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission-CVR believes in their contribution to manage the painful past for a better future. Bishop Jean-Louis Nahimana, Chairman of CVR, says the commission’s activities are incomplete without (...)
' Participants in Common Agenda for Burundian Women Launching

Burundian Women need to contribute to their country’s development

09-05-2017 Women’s network calls for a balanced participation of men and women in decision-making and peace consolidation dialogue. They have launched a common agenda for all Burundian women this September 5th 2017. In their program, Women’s Network focuses on an effective involvement of Burundian women in peace preservation. They say (...)
' Leaders of women’ associations

Women claim to be sufficiently represented in dialogue process

05-10-2017 The Women’s Group requests the facilitator in the Burundi conflict to increase the number of women who will participate in the inter-Burundi dialogue process due to take place from 14 to at least 30 women. The Women’s Group, which brings together women’s organizations namely Women’s National Forum (FNF), Women’s (...)
' Agatonique

“Raising woman voices to media”

01-03-2014 Female journalists from the Great Lakes Region working in media have gathered to create a network for freely voicing and expressing women issues.-By Yves Didier Irakoze The network was created in partnership with Search for Common Ground an NGO operating in Burundi, Burundian Women Journalists Association (AFJO), Rwandan Women (...)
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