' Elections

Many irregularities in voter registration process

12-08-2014 The Civil Society Coalition for Election Monitoring (COSOME) has called for the suspension of the registration process, due to irregularities related to the distribution of identity cards. The Minister of Home Affairs has admitted there are problems, but deems it unnecessary to stop the process.-By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse The (...)
' Vital-Nshimirimana

Budget cuts to finance the election process

10-24-2014 The President signed a decree withdrawing BIF 7,400 million from the budget and transferring it to the 2015 election process. The decree was signed on August 30, but was not made public until last week.-J.Berchmans Siboniyo Complaints and consternation fill the hearts of the beneficiaries. Cecile Ntahondereye, the Headmistress (...)
' Participants

Symposium about Good 2015 Elections in Burundi

09-18-2013 The Burundian Association of Africa Center for Strategic Studies (ABUCESA) in partnership with the US Embassy in Burundi and Africa Center for Strategic Studies (CESA), has organized a two- day symposium towards targeted groups especially security forces, media and youth about their role for good 2015 elections at King’s (...)