' Serges Ndayiragije “Corruption is a reality despite different initiatives undertaken to root it out in Burundi”

Corruption, evil to be rooted out in Burundi, says Minister

12-08-2017 The International Anti-Corruption Day 2017 will be celebrated this Saturday 9 December while Burundi is still threatened by corruption. The ministry of good governance urges the population to get involved in the fight against it. Serges Ndayiragije, Minister of Good Governance says corruption still hinders the country’s development despite (...)
' Gabriel Rufyiri, “OLUCOME code of ethics does not match with the ideology of ‘Forum Citoyen’

Corruption watchdog calls on President to cancel request of US$ 32.6 million loan

08-15-2017 In a letter sent to Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza on 9 August, the chairman of the Observatory for the Fight against Corruption and Embezzlement (OLUCOME) expressed his concerns about a credit equivalent to US% 32.6 million to be granted by the Chinese Bank ‘Exim Bank’. This appropriation will be (...)
' Kanyana

The anti-corruption court pursuing the commissioners of the anti-corruption squad

03-23-2016 In a press conference held by the Minister of Justice Aimee Laurentine Kanyana on this Thursday, 24th March at the Presidency, the financial assistance request letter from the Commissioners of the anti-corruption squad to Ecobank was one of issues she debated on. (...)
' Club-anti-corruption-

Being leaders against corruption

08-25-2014 Through its program against corruption, the Observatory against Corruption and Economic Embezzlement (OLUCOME), has initiated a project of clubs against corruption in some schools of Bujumbura City Council. The beneficiaries appreciate the initiative.-By Yves Didier Irakoze “We want our youths to be fully involved and educated against corruption and (...)
' Arthémon-Nzitonda

The New Road code and Corruption

07-22-2014 People think that the new road code may promote corruption rather than preventing it. Burundi has recently changed its road code. People may wonder why the Road Security Police decided to revise this ancient code.-By Jean Berchmans Siboniyo “We revised the road code because there were some mistakes which (...)
' Hassan Mahwege: “Those kinds of workshops will often take place in order to assess what we have done, where we are and the step we have reached to fight against corruption.”©Iwacu

Together we can eradicate corruption effectively

12-02-2013 Evaluating partnership between state institutions, ministerial commissions and civil society about fighting corruption situation after three months has been the main objective during the workshop held at “Source du Nil” Hotel this 19 November 2013.-Yves Didier Irakoze According to Hassan Mahwege, Deputy Secretary General of Observatory for Fight Against (...)
' Deus Ngerageze: “While the police have 64%, justice and education institutions have 48% and 20% respectively. The police are the first corrupted sector in all EAC countries except in Kenya where justice takes the first place.”©Iwacu

Burundi classified second in bribery in EAC

11-15-2013 The East African Bribery Index Survey shows that in Burundi bribery has decreased more than last year. However, the country must work hard to eradicate it effectively as it remains a big threat in the society.-By Yves Didier Irakoze According to Burundian Consumers’ Association (ABUCO), a section of International (...)
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