' Evariste-Ndayishimiye

Politicians ask for inclusive dialogue to set roadmap to 2020 elections

06-19-2018 The Secretary General of the CNDD-FDD ruling party calls on all political actors to get involved in the development of a roadmap to the 2020 elections. Some politicians say the political climate is not conducive to lead credible, transparent and inclusive elections. “We call on the Ombudsman office to (...)
' Nzopfabarushe

Melchiade Nzopfabarushe to be judged over hate speech

04-30-2018 In a video that went viral on social media this Saturday April 28, Melchiade Nzopfabarushe, a Belgian-Burundian lawyer and member of the ruling party CNDD-FDD, has said those who will oppose the upcoming constitutional referendum will end up in Tanganyika Lake. Mr. Nzopfabarushe frightens whoever will dare oppose the (...)
' "Pierre Nkurunziza, a charismatic leader"

“Imboneza yamaho”, which is the true meaning?

03-19-2018 President Nkurunziza was promoted by his party’s central committee as “eternal visionary leader.” A cult of the personality, denounce some people. His title in Kirundi is “Imboneza yamaho”. It is difficult to translate both words without arousing controversy. This appointment was announced last weekend in Buye, the birthplace of (...)
' Burundi president, Pierre Nkurunziza

Referendum: Fool’s bargain?

12-25-2017 Burundi President has warned against anyone who will try to make propaganda against the draft Constitution. According to the ruling party, the time has not yet come to campaign for or against the referendum scheduled for May 2018. The opposition speaks of political cheating. “We take this opportunity to (...)
' Leaders of ruling CNDD-FDD celebrating the day dedicated to combatants on 18 November, in Cibitoke

Day dedicated to combatants, ‘A bone of contention’

11-21-2017 Burundi ruling CNDD-FDD celebrates the week dedicated to combatants to pay tribute to the valiant fighters who died on the battlefield. The party’s leaders say Burundi got peace and democracy on 16 November 2003 when the rebel movement CNDD-FDD signed a global cease-fire with the transitional government of the (...)
' Evariste Ndayishimiye, Secretary General of the ruling party CNDD-FDD

Burundians to fight UN police officers, says CNDD-FDD boss

09-19-2017 “I advise the UN not to validate this biased report presented by its experts, otherwise it will be the end of this great organization because we will firmly resist,” said Evariste Ndayishimiye, Secretary General of the ruling party CNDD -FDD, on 16 September during a demonstration staged by members (...)
' Aimé-Magera-1

FNL party accuses ruling CNDD-FDD of exterminating its members

07-26-2017 The spokesman for the opposition party National Forces for Liberation (FNL), the wing led by Agathon Rwasa said yesterday the members and supporters of the party are being exterminated. He blames the ruling CNDD-FDD. “The extermination of members and supporters of the FNL particularly and other political opponents in (...)
' Domitien Ndayizeye: "Burundians should not be taken as children."

Imbonerakure accuse former president of insulting them

07-25-2017 On July 22, the imbonerakure, members of the youth wing of the ruling party CNDD-FDD in Bujumbura City Council, gave a warning to the former Burundian President, Domitien Ndayizeye. They accuse him of insulting them. They say he has no moral lesson to teach them. “Although he insulted us, (...)
' Youths affiliated to the ruling CNDD-FDD singing

Children’s right activist worries about children involvement in politics

05-31-2017 A video showing schoolchildren dressed in ruling CNDD-FDD uniforms singing hatred songs has been circulating on social networks these days. The chairman of the federation of associations fighting for children rights FNADEB says these children are exposed to political conflicts. The video that has appeared since the end of (...)
' cndd

President Nkurunziza chastises Burundi’s ruling elite

04-29-2017 In a rare moment of passion, the president reminded his audience that the nation comes before the party and criticised them for failing to put Burundi first. President Nkurunziza has chastised some of the top members of his party for malpractice and told them to act in a way (...)
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