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Election of Children leaders

09-16-2016 Thirty six children were elected at the national level to represent others in advocating children’s rights. Out of 15 candidates, two won the election. Hakizimana Cynthia, 15, an albino from Kanyosha Commune and Ndayisaba Isaac, 16, from Mubimbi commune, both from Bujumbura province will represent other children under 18 (...)
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Eyes on children’s rights

01-22-2015 The promotion and protection of children’s rights are not ensured entirely. The Ministry of National Solidarity, Gender and Human Rights, is aware of the issue and has elaborated on some issues that need to be overcome.-By Diane Uwimana “One hundred children out of one hundred of the expected street (...)
' Rights of the Child

The voice of children

12-04-2014 The Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted 25 years ago on 20 November. The widely adopted convention includes the right for anyone under 18 to give their opinion, and be taken seriously by adults. But how easy is that in a country like Burundi?-By J. Berchmas (...)
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Help Children Spend Holidays Usefully

07-18-2014 Parents can be helped in different ways by training centers and clubs which can receive their children on holidays.-By Jean Berchimans Siboniyo In Bujumbura, we are accustomed to hearing parents worrying about their children during the period of holidays. Parents worry about their children mostly in this period of (...)
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