' Residents of Carama trying to remove water and mud from their houses.

Over 32 houses destroyed and 6 others flooded in Carama

04-24-2018 People from Carama quarter in the northern part of the capital Bujumbura feel total despair after a night of torrential rain and flooding that caused a lot of damage on Sunday April 22. “At around 4 a.m in the night, I heard my children screaming. I rushed to their (...)
' The heavy rain that fell on 8 and 9 October destroyed displaced people’s tents

“Ku mase” displaced persons must return to their native villages

10-11-2016 Since Carama site displaced persons were forcibly moved by the administration from “Ku mase” place near lake Tanganyika in Bujumbura city in February 2014, Burundi government is currently urging them to return to their native villages. 239 families of about 1000 people are sheltered in precarious huts and tents (...)
' carama

Senior military commander targeted in grenade attack

09-14-2016 An unknown criminal has thrown a grenade around 7pm on 13 September in Carama neighborhood of Ntahangwa Commune in Bujumbura, the capital. The attack allegedly targeted a senior military officer and former AMISOM commander, currently working in the defense ministry. “We were sitting near a container when the grenade (...)
' An impracticable street because of flood.©Iwacu

Impracticable roads due to flooding

01-13-2014 Some areas from Bujumbura City Council are unsafe and unhealthy to live in because of flooded roads and streets during heavy rain. It prevents free movement of both cars and pedestrians. According to the Director of Town Planning, half of those places will soon be made salubrious.-By Lorraine Josiane (...)
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