' The inhabitants of Ruhagarika area in great consternation

Buganda: 26 dead and 7 wounded in an attack

05-12-2018 Twenty four people died on the spot and two others at the hospital after their evacuation in Bujumbura city. This has been said this Saturday, May 12, by Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni, Minister of Public Security, after an attack perpetrated in the night of this Friday in Ruhagarika area of Buganda (...)
' Col. Gaspard Baratuza:« Those who perpetrated attacks are simple bandits”

No attack perpetrated in Gatumba locality, says Army spokesperson

09-29-2017 During the public conference the spokespersons of the government and other institutions have held on 29 September in Ngozi province, the Army spokesperson says there has not been any attack perpetrated in Gatumba locality, west of Bujumbura province. Two soldiers died on the spot in the attack perpetrated last (...)
' Soldiers being cheered by protesters in 2015. At times, protesters were seen hiding behind soldiers to escape police violence

Armed attack on Mukoni military camp

01-24-2017 Sounds of gunshots were heard in the night of 23 January near the Mukoni military camp, north eastern Muyinga Province. The inhabitants speak of an attack on Mukoni military camp. The army spokesman said thieves were trying to steal in surrounding households but were intercepted by soldiers who were (...)
' The authors of the attack have vanished after committing the crime

Three people killed in an attack in southern Burundi

10-12-2016 The incident happened on 10 October night around 8 pm, in Bugarama municipality of Rumonge province in the south of Burundi. Sources on the ground say that a group of gunmen threw grenades and fired point blank at people who were drinking in a bar belonging to the Head (...)
' Aaron

Cibitoke Attack : His name was Aaron Manirampa

03-02-2015 Pictures of the mutilated young man went around social networks. Two terrible pictures: on one, he is tied up and alive. On the other, he lies on the ground. Killed. Aaron Manirampa is one of those young rebels coldly executed in Murwi Commune December 2014. Iwacu found his family (...)
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