' The authors of the attack have vanished after committing the crime

Three people killed in an attack in southern Burundi

10-12-2016 The incident happened on 10 October night around 8 pm, in Bugarama municipality of Rumonge province in the south of Burundi. Sources on the ground say that a group of gunmen threw grenades and fired point blank at people who were drinking in a bar belonging to the Head (...)
' Aaron

Cibitoke Attack : His name was Aaron Manirampa

03-02-2015 Pictures of the mutilated young man went around social networks. Two terrible pictures: on one, he is tied up and alive. On the other, he lies on the ground. Killed. Aaron Manirampa is one of those young rebels coldly executed in Murwi Commune December 2014. Iwacu found his family (...)