Private security companies given two months to comply with regulations.

The security ministry warns private security companies that do not comply with regulations.

In a meeting with private security and surveillance companies that operate in Bujumbura, Ménédore Ntirampeba, Director General of the department of planning and strategic studies at the ministry of public security has given a two- month period of time to the representatives of those companies to comply with all the regulations as required.

Ménédore Ntirampeba: “In the next meeting, each company will have to present a report of changes already made".

Ménédore Ntirampeba: “In the next meeting, each company will have to present a report of changes already made”.

Ntirampeba, says only two companies out of the existing 25 have complied with required regulations. “KK Security and Torres are the only companies in which we have never found military or police effects among the uniforms of their employees. They have employment contracts and are affiliated with the National Institute for Social Security –INSS,” she says adding that companies that have not yet complied with the existing regulations still have two months to do so. “Otherwise, they will be suspended”.

Mrs. Ntirampeba asks the representatives of those security and surveillance companies to attend the next meeting with an inventory of changes that they will have already made.

The security ministry also recommends those companies to closely collaborate with administrative and police authorities in matters of security and avoid changing recruitment arrangements without the authorization of the parent ministry.

The regulations which are not respected are among others the absence of health insurance for employees, employing people for more than six months without a duly signed contract; lack of liability insurance, non-wearing of uniforms specific to each company and illegal use of military and police effects.

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