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Nine girls killed after being raped in Burundi, children rights watchdog says

“We have recorded nine cases of girls, victims of sexual violence leading to their death or injury since June 2017,” reads a statement issued on 29 March by the Burundian National Federation of Child Rights Organizations (FENADEB). The majority of victims are students of secondary school, according to the statement.

Students in class at Ngagara IV Fundamental School

Students in class at Ngagara IV Fundamental School

Jacques Nshimirimana, the chairman of FENADEB, said that these crimes were committed in various parts of the country. He deplores the fact that the perpetrators of some of these crimes are not yet identified or arrested. “Even those who are identified are not at all prosecuted,” said FENADEB chairman.

He calls on competent authorities to take necessary measures to identify and bring before justice the perpetrators of these crimes. «Appropriate measures should be taken to protect effectively children from these heinous crimes,” says Nshimirimana.

The Minister of Human Rights, Martin Nivyabandi, asks security forces to become more involved in protecting children from rape.

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