' Gold washers from Mabayi Commune plead for the resumption of activities

Gold washers in Mabayi in dire straits following suspension of activities

10-05-2018 After the suspension for one month of all companies and cooperatives that extract and sell minerals in Burundi by the National Security council from 1 October, gold washers from Mabayi Commune in Cibitoke western province say the measure has a negative impact on their lives. N.S, one of the (...)
' Pascal Barandagiye: “NGOs that will present the four required documents will immediately be authorized to work again.”

Foreign NGOs required to present four documents to resume activities

10-03-2018 The Ministry of the Interior has held a meeting with foreign NGOs in order to give some clarifications on the decision suspending them for three months, which was taken by the National Security Council. Four documents are required for those NGOs to start operating again, he says. Pascal Barandagiye, (...)
' Old people claim to be supported in food, clothes and medicines

Sheltering centers of old people in difficulties

10-02-2018 While the World celebrates the Old People Day, on every 1 October, Burundian centers sheltering old people plead for more support. “Auspice Sainte Elisabeth” Center, one of the centers of old people in the capital Bujumbura, shelters 46 old people including 30 old women and 16 men. Nun Colette (...)
' Léonce ngendakumana et Jean de Dieu Mutabazi

Politicians’opinions diverge on National Security Council decision to suspend foreign NGOs

10-02-2018 Foreign NGOs operating in Burundi are not allowed to work since this October 1, 2018. Some politicians call on the government to suspend the decision while others say it is normal. Léonce Ngendakumana, deputy president of FRODEBU party calls on the government to suspend the measure urgently. “The government (...)
' The United States this morning convened a high-level event on countering narcotics, during which United States President Donald Trump presented his Global Call to Action on the World Drug Problem.
UN Photo/Mark Garten

192 Countries Sign US Pledge at UN to Globally Deal with Drug Problem

09-28-2018 On this Monday 24 September, a high-level event “Global Call to Action on the World Drug Problem” opened a high-level week of the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly. Presided by the US president Donald J. Trump, U.S Permanent representative to the UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and (...)
' cibitoke

Three “failed” students who were allowed to pass likely to repeat class

09-28-2018 Ornella Ishime, a student who repeated 6th grade at Mugina Basic School (ECOFO Mugina) in Cibitoke Province says her three former classmates have moved to the next class while they had failed. “They paid money to have new school reports allowing them to be registered in 7th grade in (...)
' Félix Ngendabanyikwa: “The work was not easy as there was a big number of children in the streets”

Over 1800 street children restored to their families

09-28-2018 The ministry of human rights and solidarity said this September 27, 2018 that more than 1800 street children have been restored to their families in the campaign to fight against street children phenomenon. Félix Ngendabanyikwa, permanent secretary at the ministry of Human Rights and solidarity, says the campaign to (...)
' A crocodile inside “Musée Vivant’’

“Musée Vivant” on the verge of disappearing

09-27-2018 Created to be an excellent display of the artistic, cultural and animal beauty of Burundi in the capital, “Musée Vivant”, a tourist site, is in danger of disappearing if nothing is done. At the entrance of this tourist site almost in the heart of the capital, craftsmen of all (...)
' On Avenue de la ‘Mutualité’,the whole transport system is badly affected due to the poor conditions of the roads.

Gitega/Paving project: Waiting for Godot …

09-26-2018 Announced in 2004, the paving project for streets in the Gitega urban center is slow to start. However, the population has already paid the requested contributions. Rango is one of Gitega neighborhoods, located on a steep hill of the city. It does not have drainage system. “During the rainy (...)
' The memorial placard that creates controversies was erected in Gitega Province

Memorial placard erected in Gitega province arouses controversies

09-26-2018 The association of survivals and victims of “genocide” perpetrated against “Hutu” ethnic group people before and after 1972 has erected a memorial placard in front of the entrance of Gitega commune since the last weekend to remember people killed during that period. Local administrative officials say they have not (...)
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