' Graduates at “Lycée Notre Dame de Rohero” sitting for the examination

60,000 final year post-fundamental school students sit for state exam

08-08-2018 About 60,000 graders in the final year of the post-fundamental school in Burundi have sat for the state exam this August 07, 2018. In Bujumbura city, some minor irregularities were observed. At 8h30 in the morning, we are at “Lycée Notre Dame de Rohero”, in the centre of Bujumbura (...)
' Thaddée Ndikumana: “There is a need of effective communication and sensitization of the community”

Health professionals issue alert on possible Ebola outbreak in Burundi

08-07-2018 Declared to be at 2000km from Burundi in May 2018, Ebola virus is reported to be at less than 400km this August 6, 2018. Health professionals in Burundi are deeply concerned. Dr Kazadi Mlombo Walter, WHO representative in Burundi, says risks to see the Ebola virus spread to Burundi (...)
' Street children in Bujumbura capital

25 street children arrested in Rumonge commune

08-03-2018 At least 25 children were arrested on August 1st 2018 in Rumonge commune. 15 of them are hosted by FVS AMADE, an association that protects orphans and vulnerable children, while ten others are still kept by the police until this august 02. Those children are aged between 8 and (...)
' A mother breastfeeding her baby

97% of Burundian women breastfeed, Ministry of Health reveals

08-03-2018 The director of the National Integrated Food and Nutrition Program at the ministry of health says the maternal breastfeeding situation in Burundi is satisfactory. He calls on mothers to breastfeed their children as long as possible. On the occasion of the week dedicated to maternal breastfeeding, Alain Parfait Bimenyimana, (...)
' Gogo Hukportie: “This project will help reinforce cohesion and unity between repatriated people and those who stayed in the country”

Burundi: USD 3 million to help vulnerable people and returnees from four communes

07-27-2018 The Ministry of the Interior in partnership with four organizations has launched a national reintegration project to help repatriated and vulnerable people from four communes of the country this July 27, 2018. Gogo Hukportie, UNHCR Representative in Burundi, says these two categories of people need to be assisted. “Burundian (...)
' The national solidarity day whose aim will be collecting aid to assist vulnerable people and victims of disasters

National solidarity day to be celebrated on July 28 throughout Burundi

07-25-2018 Burundians will celebrate on 28 July the national solidarity day whose aim will be collecting aid to assist vulnerable people and victims of disasters. “The long-awaited national solidarity day will be celebrated on July 28 in all the communes of the country,” said Martin Nivyabandi, Minister of Human Rights, (...)
' Final year graders in post-fundamental school continue to revise although they haven’t so far known the exact date when they will sit for the exams.

Burundi: Final Year Post-Fundamental School Students Demand State Exam Calendar

07-24-2018 Graders in the final year of the post-fundamental school in Burundi say they are disturbed by the fact that the date for the state exam which gives the successful students access to higher education, has not so far been set. “We don’t know when we will do the state (...)
' Bush fires destroying a forest in Gisuru Commune, Ruyigi province

Over 300hectares of Ruvubu Nature Reserve burned onset of dry season

07-24-2018 The bush fires have erupted with great density since the beginning of the current dry season compared with the last years, says Epimery Nibizi, the director of forests. He says more than 20 hectares of the Rusizi Nature Reserve have been set ablaze, while more than 250 hectares of (...)
' “The education minister’s decision violates national and international conventions on human rights”

Activists call on National Assembly to cancel Education Ministry’s decision

07-20-2018 Five local NGOs fighting for children, girls and women’s rights have sent a letter to the Speaker of the National Assembly asking him to suspend the 3rd paragraph of the measure by the ministry of education. The latter is about sanctions imposed on the victims of unwanted pregnancies while (...)
' 116 cases of rape were recorded during the last three months

468 cases of SGBV recorded in Ngozi province in three months

07-20-2018 The family and community development center – CDFC in Ngozi recorded 468 cases of SGBV during the last three months. The center representative says there is an upsurge of SGBV because the same center had recorded 320 cases during the first three months of this year. Charles Ndihokubwayo, the (...)
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