' Burundi government appeals to OCHA to prepare a consensual report on Burundians in need of assistance

Government dismisses 2018 Humanitarian Response Plan for Burundi

02-22-2018 The statement made by the government of Burundi this Wednesday 21 February says the figures advanced by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) are exaggerated and have not been compiled in collaboration with the ministries directly concerned by humanitarian issues. Those ministries are that (...)
' A group of SYNAPA/CNPK union members on strike.

Patients at Kamenge Neuropsychiatric Center in total despair due to nurses’ strike

02-22-2018 Members of SYNAPA Union at Kamenge Neuropsychiatric Center have begun a three-day strike this 21 February. Mental patients say they fall victim of the situation. In the morning of this Wednesday at Kamenge Neuropsychiatric Center- CNPK, the only center which treats mental patients in Burundi located in the north (...)
' Christophe Sahabo: “Burundians have to change their mentality and join medical insurance companies”.

Mindset as one of challenges health sector in Burundi is faced with

02-19-2018 The health sector faces a variety of challenges among which, Burundians’ mentality. Sahabo Christophe, Kira Hospital representative, says health should be a priority. “Most of Burundians do not value health until they are seriously sick”. He said that during the celebration of the third edition of Kira Medical Awareness (...)
' Clément Niyonsaba: « Our target is to have HIV/AIDS free generation”

Towards AIDS free generation in Burundi?

02-16-2018 “Reaching an AIDS Free Generation (RAFG) in Burundi” is a project launched this February 15, 2018 by the ministry of health in partnership with USA Embassy in Bujumbura. It will be implemented by Family Health Initiative 360. Clément Niyonsaba, Country Representative of Family Health Initiative, says the new project (...)
' Jean Pierre Nshimirimana:  Epileptic people still face the problems of ignorance and lack of medicine

Epileptic people in Burundi face serious problems, says APLE Representative

02-13-2018 From ignorance to lack of medicine, epileptic people struggle to live in Burundi society. Jean Pierre Nshimirimana, the legal representative of the Center of Action Against Epilepsy – APLE, says most of Burundians ignore that epilepsy can be treated by modern doctors as the disease is often confused with (...)
' Youth from different associations planting trees on Sororezo hill

Youth led associations to plant 6,000 trees in community service

02-12-2018 23 youth led associations have, this Saturday 10 February, planted 6,000 grevillea trees on Sororezo hill in the northern part of Bujumbura city. They joined together in an initiative called “Dusharize Uburundi” in the same spirit of the environment protection. Jadot Nkurunziza, a young environmental activist and representative of (...)
' Terence Ntahiraja: "The provision aims to put an end to the legal uncertainty surrounding the status of the independent."

Interior Ministry accuses UNHCR of increasing refugee number to gain UN Funds

02-08-2018 Following the funding appeal of USD 391 million by the UNHCR to support 430,000 Burundian refugees in 2018, the Ministry of Home Affairs accuses the agency of providing and working on wrong figures. Térence Ntahiraja, Assistant to and Spokesperson for the Ministry of Home Affairs says the UN Refugees (...)
' On the side of Rohe area, the banks of the Kanyosha River are collapsing.

Rohe area seriously threatened by Kanyosha River

02-07-2018 Over 50 families in the Rohe area have already moved out since the banks of Kanyosha River are gradually collapsing, thus, causing the demolition of the surrounding houses. Rohe area is located at about 3 km from the national road RN7 (Bujumbura-Rutovu) in Kamesa neighborhood of Musaga zone in (...)
' Mubone dump is saturated with wastes

Garbage dump temporarily set up in Gisyo area

02-02-2018 The officially known dump of Mubone in Buterere Zone in the north of Bujumbura has not been operational since the past few weeks. The office of Bujumbura Mayor has temporarily set up a new garbage dump in Gisyo area of Kanyosha zone in the south of Bujumbura while waiting (...)
' Guillaume Ntawukuriryayo:  “Since January, there has been an alarming increase in number of malaria patients."

Malaria in upward curve again in Ngozi province

02-02-2018 More than 9 people have died of malaria since January 2018 in Ngozi province. Health officials fear the increasing number of malaria cases and demand that Burundi Central Department that purchases pharmaceutical products-CAMEBU increases the quantity of amodiaquine and artesunate medicines. When someone arrives at Ngozi Hospital, they see (...)
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