' Innocent Nkurunziza: “Tobacco smoking is increasing in Burundi”.

Over 1 million people die yearly due to smoking, say health professionals

05-30-2018 While the World No Tobacco Day is celebrated each May 31, Health professionals in Burundi say they are worried about the increase in number of smokers in Burundi especially young people. They however say they salute the initiative taken by the government to considerably reduce the number of smokers. (...)
' The three-ha-property located in Kinyinya III  handed to Issa Gahinga descendants

CNTB hands over 3ha plot to Issa Gahinga descendants without former owner’s presence

05-29-2018 The National Commission for Lands and other Properties (CNTB) has handed over a three-ha-property located in Kinyinya III, Rukaramu zone of Mutimbuzi Commune in Bujumbura province, to the descendants of Gahinga Issa represented by Bambarukontari Alexis this May 28, 2018. Samuel Nduwingoma, former owner, was absent. Dieudonné Mbonimpa, Spokesman (...)
' Alexis Manirakiza (right) receives the assistance from the US Embassy staff

US Embassy staff gives assistance to victims of floods in Bujumbura

05-16-2018 The staff members of the US Embassy in Burundi have collected assistance to the victims of floods in Buterere, Carama and Gatumba neighborhoods in the capital Bujumbura. “We have collected clothes, soaps and other non-food assistance to support women, children and men who were left helpless by the recent (...)
' «Burundi, Un demi-siècle d’histoire. Emile Mworoha, Pionnier de l’histoire Africaine », title of the book dedicated to Emile Mworoha.

University lecturers dedicate a book to retired Emile Mworoha

05-11-2018 Some lecturers of the university have written a book that they dedicated to Emile Mworoha, Professor at the University of Burundi who retired a few years ago. During the presentation of this book on Mutanga campus at the University of Burundi this Friday 11May 2018, lecturers of the University (...)
' Physical punishment is no longer acceptable in Burundian schools

No Hitting Day: “Teachers should administer corrective punishment,” says unionist

05-01-2018 While the world celebrates the No Hitting Day for Children on 30 April, Burundi Teachers’ Union –STEB appreciates the progress made since the physical punishment on children was abolished. “Some teachers used to exaggerate when punishing pupils until they could faint,” says Rémy Nsengiyumva, STEB chairman. He also says (...)
' A house hit by floods in Kiyange area,-Buterere zone

Over 2500 people left homeless due to flood in Buterere zone

05-01-2018 More than 2500 people from Kiyange area, Buterere zone, Ntahangwa commune in Bujumbura were left homeless because of devastating flood which has hit the area since 28 April. The population asks for assistance. “Life has become impossible in this capital. We do not know where to go for help. (...)
' Street children gathered in Jabe transit center

FENADEB: “Hasty return of street children to their families may prove dangerous”

04-25-2018 “We are concerned about poor sanitation and inadequate food for children and beggars removed from the streets in the centers where they are temporarily accommodated,” reads the press release of 24 April 2017 by the National Federation of Associations Defending Children’s Rights (FENADEB) Since 23 April, Burundi government has (...)
' Residents of Carama trying to remove water and mud from their houses.

Over 32 houses destroyed and 6 others flooded in Carama

04-24-2018 People from Carama quarter in the northern part of the capital Bujumbura feel total despair after a night of torrential rain and flooding that caused a lot of damage on Sunday April 22. “At around 4 a.m in the night, I heard my children screaming. I rushed to their (...)
' Street children gathered in Jabe transit center

Street children and beggars ask government to assist them

04-23-2018 The government of Burundi is proceeding with the activity of removing all children and beggars from the streets.The latter say the government should help them financially. “I am no longer able to cultivate. How will I live without any help?” says an old woman met in a transit center (...)
' Faustin Ndikumana: “It is normal for the Ministry of the Interior to take the initiative to identify all local NGOs but it is necessary to change the method it is using”

PARCEM is worried about local NGOs ongoing identification, says chairman

04-18-2018 After the announcement of the Ministry of the Interior that there is an activity to identify and collect data on nonprofit organizations working in each province, PARCEM chairman says this identification is not following the rules. Faustin Ndikumana, Chairman of PARCEM, a local NGO aiming at awakening people’s conscience (...)
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