' Poverty in families is the leading cause of cases of school dropout

Over 20 thousand pupils drop out of school in Ngozi

11-03-2017 School drop-out rate increases in Ngozi Province. Parents say they are worried. Around 20,555 school children dropped out of school in Ngozi Province during the 2016-2017 school-year. The number of boys who abandoned their studies amounts to 10,534 while girls are 10,021. For the post-basic school, the rate also (...)
' Jacques Nshimirimana: ”FENADEB appreciates the work done by the police especially by arresting a person allegedly involved in the trafficking of Burundian girls”

Children under 15 recruited to cook for fishermen in Rumonge

11-02-2017 In Rumonge province, children under 15 years are recruited to cook for fishermen. They are hired to replace women who used to do the job. Activists demand the government to send those children back to school. Children under 15 are recruited to cook for fishermen in Rumonge province. Some (...)
' Houses near the ravine risk collapsing

Houses and infrastructures under threat of gully in Musaga area

10-26-2017 On the second avenue of Musaga neighborhood in the southern part of the capital Bujumbura, on the right side, a ravine of Mpimba River represents a threat to people and infrastructures surrounding the locality. When it rains, the ravine banks becomes wider and wider. Sand bags have been packed (...)
' Patients suffering from cholera disease are receiving treatment at Rugombo Health Center

Nine patients hospitalized in Cibitoke due to cholera disease

10-25-2017 Since 20 October, 15 patients have been admitted to hospital in Rugombo Health Center in western Cibitoke province due to cholera disease. Up to this 25 October, only nine patients are still receiving treatment while six others recovered and went back home. All of them are residents of Miduha (...)
' Bwiza Zone office

Shopkeepers in Bwiza Zone denounce BCCO tariff on waste collection

10-24-2017 From now on, all shops and kiosks’ owners of Mukaza commune will pay BIF 5000 per month to Burundi Cleaning Company (BCCO) in charge of disposing of garbage in this commune. Shopkeepers and kiosk owners in Bwiza denounce this measure they describe unfair since they say they do not (...)
' Concilie Nibigira: « We will not continue to give them medicines if the patients’ contribution is not definitively paid »

Nursing staff warn to stage strike in 14 days

10-24-2017 The nursing staff unions-SYNAPA and SNTS met on 22 October to discuss health care, security at work and personnel management. As the health care is a priority issue, the two nursing unions therefore urge Burundi government to increase appropriately the budget allocated to the budget line “health care participation (...)
' Lake Tanganyika continues to be polluted

SETEMU, main source of pollution of Lake Tanganyika?

10-20-2017 Lake Tanganyika is currently being threatened because all wastes from factories and households are dumped directly at it without being treated. This was observed during a visit carried out in factories close to the place commonly known as “Ku mase” by the technical commission in charge of securing the (...)
' Mubone official dump in Butere

Around 10 associations to remove solid waste in Bujumbura

10-19-2017 The Mayor of Bujumbura released on 17 October a list of more than 10 associations and cooperatives that won the market to dispose of solid waste in two communes of Bujumbura capital. This measure is taken following the grumblings of Bujumbura inhabitants who said that the waste is no (...)
' Nkurikiye Odette: “I was confused about my family’s future before the World Bank’s project”

Batwa community from Bururi recognize their development thanks to World Bank project

10-19-2017 As the world celebrated the day dedicated to poverty eradication this October 17th, Batwa communities from Bururi commune acknowledge the World Bank’s project to protect environment which has given them job and joy to live. Batwa people used to live in extreme poverty, begging, and sometimes stealing which also (...)
' Students will leave schools at 13:55 p.m.

Secondary school teachers complain about new timetable

10-18-2017 The class course duration in the secondary schools has increased from 45 to 55 minutes. Teachers and students complain about the new decision. Courses start every morning at 7:30 and end at 13:55 p.m. instead of 13:00 p.m. as scheduled previously. Even if the ministerial ordinance has not been (...)