' Guillaume Ntawukuriryayo:  “Since January, there has been an alarming increase in number of malaria patients."

Malaria in upward curve again in Ngozi province

02-02-2018 More than 9 people have died of malaria since January 2018 in Ngozi province. Health officials fear the increasing number of malaria cases and demand that Burundi Central Department that purchases pharmaceutical products-CAMEBU increases the quantity of amodiaquine and artesunate medicines. When someone arrives at Ngozi Hospital, they see (...)
' Ambassador Anne Casper in the midst of a Batwa crowd in Muhanga Commune

Kayanza Governor bans ID card distribution to Batwa community

02-01-2018 The presence of the US Ambassador at the launching ceremonies of the project to give out ID cards to Batwa community in Muhanga commune of Kayanza Northern Province, on Tuesday 30 January, did not go down well with the Kayanza province administration. Anicet Niyongabo, Governor of Kayanza province decided (...)
' Kizina residents have come to get the feedback from the field visit made by the office of the Burundian Ombudsman

Bubanza: Kizina residents to temporally get back to their lands

01-31-2018 Since they have been ordered to leave their plots of land which were later distributed to a certain “Joseph Gahushi”, about 5000 homes from Kizina hill of Gihanga Commune in Bubanza western province have come, this 30 January, to the office of Burundi Ombudsman to demand the answer to (...)
' Déo Guide Rurema: “The good news is that the World Bank is going to compensate breeders whose goats were killed”

World Bank to compensate breeders of small ruminants

01-30-2018 An epidemic has recently ravaged goats in Gitega, Mwaro and Kirundo provinces. The minister of agriculture and livestock reassures breeders who have lost their goats that the World Bank is going to compensate them. “The goats that died were imported from Uganda in November 2017 through the Lake Victoria (...)
' Refugees cross the border to Rumonge Province by boat

Congolese Refugees continue to flee to Burundi

01-30-2018 About 1200 Congolese refugees have arrived in Rumonge Port located in Rumonge southern province this 29 January. They say they come from “Ubwari” island in DRC and are fleeing confrontations between the DRC Army-FARDC and Mayi-Mayi rebellion that have arisen since January 23. However, most of them prefer to (...)
' Mubone dump is saturated with wastes

Bujumbura: Towards becoming city of waste?

01-29-2018 Bujumbura residents complain these days that their solid wastes are no longer removed from their houses. Bags are deposited in different corners and streets of the capital Bujumbura. “We don’t know the reasons behind the delay in collecting them. The company in charge of removing wastes has just spent (...)
' Refugees cross the border to Rumonge Province by boat

Over 2000 people fled confrontations between army and rebels in Congo

01-26-2018 More than 2000 people from South Kivu in DRC crossed the Congolese border to Rumonge commune in Burundi. These people flee armed confrontations between the Congolese army- FARDC and the rebels known as Mayi Mayi Yakutumba. Those refugees come from South Kivu province in the territory of Fizi in (...)
' JanvièreNdirahisha: “I oppose evening education because students do not study accordingly.”

Burundi: Evening programs in private universities to be cancelled

01-24-2018 In a meeting that she held with University representatives this 23 January 2017, Janvière Ndirahisha, Minister of Education and Scientific Research reminds that evening education in the universities has to be cancelled. She says the Bachelor Master’s Doctorate (BMD) system was implemented to promote and enrich education. Minister Ndirahisha (...)

Five women burned within two weeks in western Burundi

01-23-2018 Victims are from Rugombo, Buganda and Mugina communes in Cibitoke western province. Women activists decry these despicable acts and demand justice and administration executives to intervene. The most recent case was reported in the night of 14 January. A mother of five was burned by her husband in Rugombo (...)
' Teenage girls at school

8% of adolescent girls fell pregnant in Burundi, reveals ISTEEBU report

01-19-2018 Eight percent of teenage girls fall pregnant early in the country, reveals the 3rd 2016-2017 Demographic and Health Survey conducted by Burundi Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (ISTEEBU). Ignorance about reproductive health is one of the main causes. Teenage pregnancy rate is high at 10% in urban areas, (...)
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