' Bottles of juices seized by BBN agents at COTEBU market

BBN removes juices not meeting standard on market

04-13-2018 The agents of Burundi Bureau of Standards and Quality Control (BBN) in collaboration with the police seized yesterday hundreds of boxes of juices in Buyenzi City Market commonly called “Kwa Sioni” and COTEBU markets. Sellers say they are victims of injustice. “These juices are not certified by BBN,” says (...)
' Martin Nivyabandi “Everybody has to take their responsibility so as to make effective the return of these street children and beggars to their families”

Street children and beggars to be returned to their families by May 11th

04-11-2018 Three ministries of Solidarity, Interior and Public Security are proceeding with the return of street children and beggars to their respective families. In a meeting held this April 10, the minister of solidarity has said that all street children and beggars will have been removed from the streets by (...)
' Gilbert Midende, Director General of Rainbow Mining Burundi “We reached our goal at 25%."

325 tons of rare earth concentrates exported in six months

04-10-2018 Rainbow Mining Burundi (RMB) has reached 25% of its objectives in 6 months of operation. According to the Director General of RMB, the fact of transferring the payment of exported products to the account of Burundi Central Bank and the lack of experienced personnel are the major challenges that (...)
' The vaccination campaign has started in Bugendana Commune, this 9 April

Burundi: Over 2 million small ruminants to be vaccinated

04-10-2018 The official launch of vaccination against the sheep and goat plague has started in Bugendana Commune of Gitega Province, this 9 April. “Gitega, Kirundo and Mwaro provinces are the most affected areas and the vaccination will start by there,” said Déo Guide Rurema, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock when (...)
' The Director of SACODE and the US Ambassador to Burundi alongside educators in Kayanza distributing sanitary pads to school girls

Over 100 thousand Burundian school girls need sanitary pads, SACODE boss says

04-09-2018 Educational authorities in Kayanza Province affirm that school girls often miss classes during the menstrual period. These girls say they do not have money to purchase sanitary pads. “Our survey revealed that the majority of rural female students cannot afford to buy sanitary pads every month to manage their (...)
' Jean Bosco Hitimana: “The volunteering period will not exceed three years”

Burundi: Body of National Volunteers to be established very soon

04-05-2018 The National Assembly has analyzed and unanimously adopted a bill on the creation of the national volunteers’ body. Jean Bosco Hitimana, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture has said the body will be managed by the National Center of Volunteers in Burundi that will be set up by a (...)
' Eusébie followers at their arrival at Ruhwa border post in Cibitoke Province

900 Eusébie followers repatriated from Rwanda on Monday

04-03-2018 After the return of 1604 followers of Eusébie Ngendakumana, said to be “prophetess” returned from Rwanda at Easter crossing Gasenyi-Nemba border in Kirundo province, two other groups were repatriated this Monday, April 2. The first group of 517 people crossed Kanyaru border post in Kayanza province. They spent the (...)
' Burundian refugees in Ruyigi returning from Tanzania©Iwacu

2,000 Burundian refugees to be repatriated from Tanzania per week

03-30-2018 The tripartite meeting composed of Burundian and Tanzanian governments as well as UNHCR held in Bujumbura from 26 to 28 March concluded that almost 72.000 Burundian refugees will be voluntarily repatriated by 2018. “There will be two convoys of 1,000 refugees each from 5 April to 31 December 2018,” (...)
' Kenneth Jane: “Innovation does not necessarily entail laboratory usage”.

Rural women to use social innovation and technology for their empowerment

03-29-2018 Rural women are most of the time left behind in technology usage and innovation while they can contribute to the country’s development. This was said by Jennet Kem, UN women representative in Burundi during a symposium about rural women empowerment this 28 March 2018. “Less than 12% of women (...)
' A hippopotamus grazing across Lake Tanganyika

Over 15 hippopotamuses killed within two years in Burundi

03-28-2018 The Burundian Office for the Protection of the Environment reveals that more than 15 hippopotamuses have been killed over the last two years. Environmental activities require compliance with the Water Code to protect this endangered species. “We currently observe hippos wandering in various neighborhoods of Bujumbura like Kibenga, Kinindo, (...)
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