' Every passer-by can recharge his/her cell phone as he/she wishes

Down Town Hotel Rutegama Jazz: “Godsend for many”

06-15-2017 With electric plugs available to the public, free Wi-Fi connection, the neighboring population comes to take advantage of these free services. From 6p.m at Down Town Hotel Rutegama Jazz located at the University Avenue, in Bwiza central area of the capital Bujumbura, passers-by come to recharge their cell phones (...)
' Pupils are having lunch in one of the school canteens in the country.

Hunger, main hindrance to education

06-14-2017 On 15 June every year, the world celebrates the World Day against Hunger. This year, the day comes, while hunger has become a barrier to education in Burundi. In Kirundo northern Province, school drop-outs are almost observed in all schools. This is due to hunger prevailing in families. “There (...)
' Some old people from Hospice Sainte Bernadette.

Old people in Burundi need more help

06-14-2017 «We do not have enough means to nourish old people. These days, people do not help us as they used to do in the past. Because of limited means, we only care for thirty eight old people though we could shelter fifty,” says Mother Colette Murimbane, Head of Saint (...)
' Illegal quarrying and stones extraction in rivers pose a threat to the environment

Human activities, threat to environment in Burundi

06-14-2017 “The growing population is the main cause of environment deterioration in Burundi”, says Samuel Ndayiragije, Director of Burundi Office for Environment Protection [OBPE], at the closure of the environment week on 14 June. He says Burundi has 11 million people who still occupy the same territory that three million (...)
' François, an albino and hawker. He is bound to a life that puts him at risk of health hazards. He wishes he got some funding that would allow him to earn his living safely.

No health care assistance for albinos, six “face impending death from skin cancer”

06-13-2017 The representative of albinos in Burundi says six known albinos might die of skin cancer due to the lack of health care assistance. The lack of health care assistance will soon lead to the death of at least six albinos, says Kassim Kazungu, the Chairman of Albinos Sans Frontières-Burundi (...)
' Participants at the 22nd Anniversary of the students’ killings

Burundi University commemorates 22nd anniversary of students’ killings

06-13-2017 “Those who were killed were had come to study. We have to accept what happened and assume our responsibilities” says Gaspard Banyankimbona, Rector of the Burundi University. He has said that this Tuesday on the occasion of the commemoration of 22nd anniversary of the killings that occurred at the (...)
' Some instruments which are not allowed to be used in fishing were burnt by the technical commission in charge of securing lake navigation

Fish protection is emergency in Burundi, says maritime authority

06-12-2017 On the occasion of the celebration of the week dedicated to protecting the environment, from 6 to 11 June, the technical commission in charge of securing lake navigation burned tools forbidden to use in fishing. On June 6, the technical commission in charge of securing lake navigation patrolled along (...)
' Bazubwabo Louis copy

New handbook aims to safeguard Burundi‘s cultural heritage

06-10-2017 On June 7, 2017, Burundi celebrated its heritage with the launch of a handbook on the cultural values of Burundi. The manual will be available in schools across the country within one month. According to traditional values, Burundians had their own ways of solving problems, socializing and praying. Nowadays, (...)
' Emelyne Niyokwizera, one of the children who suffer from the heart disease waiting to be treated in France.

Charity association calls for financial assistance to treat 11 cardiac patients

06-09-2017 The local charity association ‘Maison Bon Samaritain’ calls for charitable acts to help children suffering from heart diseases that require surgery abroad. “My daughter, aged four, is sick since birth. Several doctors have consulted her and told me she was born with heart disease, “says Nyandwi Melchior, a Cibitoke (...)
' Shortage of electricity coupled with shortage of fuel paralyse all activities that depend on electric power.

Electricity: Rolling blackouts to give way to higher prices

06-08-2017 Some consumers wonder whether the shortage of electricity they have experienced over the last months has been caused by the fact that they were paying little. After several months of getting electricity on rolling blackouts, residents of Bujumbura city will “soon” start receiving the electricity normally, but at higher (...)