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CONAPES disapproves of teachers dependence on communes

11-02-2016 During the closing ceremony of the campaign held in all 119 communes of the country on 28 October, Révérien Ndikuriyo, the senate speaker insisted on the need to decentralize primary and secondary education services including staff payment. Stella Budiriganya, the senate spokesperson says the idea resulted from the suggestions (...)
' Jadot Nkurunziza working alongside volunteers in a nursery in Nyakabiga, Bujumbura

Environment group to distribute young trees for free

11-01-2016 The environment association “Ça Nous Concerne Tous” intends to distribute young trees to residents of Bujumbura town and its overhanging hills from 22 December this year. “The only requirement to get the trees is to be a lover of the protection of the environment”, says Jadot Nkurunziza, the president (...)
' Bicycle taxi drivers queue  up to buy the vests.

Burundi bicycle taxi users must wear cardigans for identification

10-31-2016 This 31 October, all bicycle taxi drivers working in Bujumbura the capital have been assembled since morning at the office of the Association of Burundi Bicycle Taxi drivers – SOTAVEBU along “Boulevard du 1er Novembre” in Mukaza Commune. They have queued up to buy vests for their own identification. (...)
' Kinogono pit-dwellers’ huts

Cholera worsens the living conditions of Kinogono pit-dwellers

10-30-2016 Most of the busy tradesmen and women who pass through Minago every day, a rural area in the province of Rumonge, south west of Burundi, have no clue that a community of their countrymen live in dreadful depravation beneath their feet. Out of sight of the road, at the (...)
' AnselmeKatiyunguruza: “all Burundians are called on to support SGBVvictims as such an ignoble practice is prevailing all over the country”

Red Cross Burundi committed to improving assistance to SGBV victims

10-29-2016 Red Cross Burundi has officially launched, this 27 October, a project that will be mainly implemented in Bujumbura City and two other provinces namely Rumonge and Bujumbura. According to Alexis Manirakiza, spokesman of Red Cross Burundi, this project aims to improve the prevention of Sexual and Gender -Based Violence-SGBV (...)
' Tribute to Vincent Nkeshimana

Tribute to Vincent Nkeshimana

10-27-2016 When the funeral of the Burundian journalist Vincent Nkeshimana was taking place in Belgium this October 26, his family members and former colleagues in Burundi paid tribute to him during a mass ceremony in Regina Mundi cathedral in Bujumbura. Died at the age of 50 years on 14 October (...)
' Acute shortage of textbooks in post-fundamental school system

Acute shortage of textbooks in post-fundamental school system

10-26-2016 Since one month that the post-basic school system has begun, some challenges are still there like the lack of sufficient textbooks and large classes. At “Lycée Municipal de Musaga”, in southern Bujumbura the capital, two sections compose the post-basic school, i.e. languages and sciences. Each section has about 200 (...)
' Thousands flee famine due to drought in Kirundo Province

Thousands flee famine due to drought in Kirundo Province

10-25-2016 More than 4000 people have fled their homes since the past few days following severe drought according to Melchior Nankwahomba, the governor of the northern province of Kirundo. He says “their urgent need is food”. Sources on the spot say some people are so desperate that they sell their (...)
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AVOD calls on Burundi war widows and orphans to tell the truth

10-22-2016 The Association of Widows and Orphans who lost theirs during different crises that have hit Burundi (AVOD) urges all the victims “to come out and boldly tell the truth about what they witnessed”. AVOD makes that call as the nation commemorates the 23rd anniversary of the assassination of President (...)
' Many farmers in rural Bujumbura rely on bare and eroded hills

Burundian farmers coping with climate change thanks to FAO

10-20-2016 The Food and Agriculture Organisation leads Burundian farmers into adopting farming techniques that help them to cope with climate change. “Climate has significantly changed over the past years and this negatively affects farming”, says Vénérand Nyandwi, 62, a farmer and father of 10. “Normally we sow our fields of (...)