' Biyereke Floribert: “Only 118 women and 62 Twa out of 2635 candidates succeeded in a recruitment process for military services”

Women and Twa ethnic group not well represented in military services

07-06-2018 Only 118 women and 62 Twa out of 2635 candidates succeeded in a recruitment process for military services that took place from February 26 to July 03, 2018. Floribert Biyereke, spokesperson for the Burundian Defense Ministry has said this at a press conference held this July 6, 2018. Mr (...)
' Plastic bags and bottles at “Kumase” near Lake Tanganyika

Environmentalist calls for use of biodegradable materials to safeguard environment

07-04-2018 While the world celebrates the Plastic Bag Free Day every July 03 to raise the awareness of the impact non-biodegradable plastic bags and bottles have on the environment, plastic materials are still seen everywhere in Bujumbura town. In the western part of Bujumbura at the place commonly known as (...)
' Students living with disabilities in front of CNRSP center at Jabe

26 final year students at CNRSP expelled from dormitories

06-29-2018 26 students with disabilities who have come to study at the National Center for Socio-Professional Rehabilitation of Disabled people-CNRSP at Jabe were expelled from dormitories on June 28. They were accused of protesting against the decision taken by the center’s representative sending them back to their families. Jean Marie (...)
' Traders occupying Musaga newly rehabilitated market

Traders in Musaga newly rehabilitated market not satisfied with new stands

06-29-2018 Musaga rehabilitated market in Muha commune has opened this Thursday, June 28th. Some traders say they are not satisfied with the stands they got because they are very small and others are exposed to the sun. “This stand is very small. I used to have enough space for my (...)
' Janvière Ndirahisha "Girls who have been impregnated are not allowed to return to the formal education system"

Pregnant girls and boys who impregnate them forced to attend vocational schools

06-29-2018 “Any school girl who has been a victim of pregnancy or was forced to get married while she was still studying at the basic or post-basic school is not allowed to return to the formal public or private education system,” reads a note issued on 26 June by the (...)
' Alain Guillaume Bunyoni: "Burundi will spare no effort to eradicate the consumption of drugs"

Ministry of Public Security to set up national detoxification center

06-27-2018 Cannabis, heroin, cocaine and chicha are some of the drugs that jeopardize the promising future of many young Burundians. Drug consumption is hard to eradicate, said Valentin Havyarimana, chairman of the Burundian Association for a World of Peace without Drugs (ABMPD) on the occasion of the celebration of the (...)

Over 250 Burundians expelled from Rwanda arrived within three days, administration says

06-26-2018 The Ntega Commune of Kirundo northern province has welcomed over 250 Burundians from Rwanda since June 23. Philippe Ngabonziza, administrator of Ntega says they would have been expelled by Rwandan authorities because they refused to live in Mahama refugee camp. “They were also suspected of harboring criminals,” says Ngabonziza. (...)
' Kavumu Refugee Camp

Refugees from Kavumu camp call for increase of food assistance

06-21-2018 During the celebration of the World Refugee Day in Kavumu Refugee camp in Cankuzo province this June 2018, refugees have called on humanitarians to increase their food assistance saying it is not sufficient. “It is difficult to live with less than four kg of beans and 10 kg of (...)
' Handshake between the Environment Minister (left) and the FAO representative after signing a partnership agreement.

FAO offers support for preservation of protected areas in Burundi

06-21-2018 The Ministry of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock has signed on June 20 a partnership with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for a project to ensure environment protection which will last 2 years and cost US $ 300,000. Déo-Guide Rurema, Minister of the Environment, Agriculture and (...)
' Kassim Kazungu, Chairman of the local association defending Albinos’ rights-“Albinos sans Frontières”

Discrimination and skin diseases pose major threat to Burundian albinos

06-13-2018 While the world celebrates the Albinism Awareness day each 13 June, Burundian albinos say they are discriminated and rejected in their families. Albinos say they continue to be discriminated in Burundi. Odile Nshimirimana, 23, an albinos and elder of eight children-three of them are albinos, says she was forced (...)
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