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Critical shortage of clean water at Mugoboka

09-07-2016 “No drop of water comes out of the public tap installed in the locality of Mugoboka for over two weeks. The population indicates that having drinking water is like getting blood out of a stone. The poor fetch water from the Ntahangwa River, “deplores Pontient Mugenzi, a student at (...)
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Unusual market of school materialsworries retailers

09-02-2016 For small traders downtown Bujumbura, the business of school supplies has unexpectedly lost its lure these days. This is due to a sluggish demand paired with high prices at the wholesalers’. Sellingschool equipment in the inner city of Bujumbura is unusually less profitable so far in this period of (...)
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Bujumbura Bar: Success despite obstacles

09-01-2016 Salvator Kiyuku, the president of Bujumbura Bar Association said that the assessment of the bar’s activities is encouraging despite difficulties. It was during the formal resumption of the bar’s activities after a one-month holiday. He congratulated the bar for managing“to provide free legal assistance to all those who come (...)
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Bujumbura City: 800 Restaurants and Bars to Be Closed

08-31-2016 Unclean water used to wash utensils; buzzing flies, a low standard of cleanliness… these are some conditions in which restaurants near Sion market are operating. All along the alleyway leading to Sion market passing through the Agriculture Avenue in Ngagara neighborhood of Bujumbura City, the owners of these small (...)
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Fighting cholera disease in Kabezi at all cost

08-18-2016 About 99 cases of cholera have been identified in Kabezi health district (24 km from Bujumbura capital city) between 27 July and 17 August. According to Arcade Hatungimana, the provincial doctor in Bujumbura Province, 80 patients recovered but one of the patients died. Fifty six patients are from Kabezi (...)
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Burundi university students on strike

08-17-2016 Students of three departments of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Burundi have resumed strike. They protest against the university’s decision to suspend some students for not having respected the ultimatum to resume studies issued by the rector. For them, that measure was both (...)

Reduce HIV at all costs

08-09-2016 The “Burundian Alliance against HIV/AIDS and for Health promotion-ABS” launched on 5 August a new project “HIV and Harm reduction in East Africa” targeting people who inject drugs –PWID. Several reasons explain the paramount importance of this project. They include a high number of the PWID in the region, (...)
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Summer camps in Bujumbura

08-02-2016 On 1 August, the education minister along with the UNICEF representative in Burundi officially launched summer camps for 10,000 children and young people of Bujumbura. International organizations like the UNICEF, UNFPA, WFP and the United Nations Volunteers program came together to support the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and (...)
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US Funding over El- Niño droughts

07-28-2016 The US Embassy in Burundi invited journalists in a telephonic press briefing on “Humanitarian assistance over droughts” with David Harden, the USAID Assistant administrator for democracy, conflict and humanitarian assistance. “About 18 million people are at risk, climate change sends shocks through the entire economic and social systems. And (...)
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Mutumba health centre in difficulties, children lose quality health care

07-27-2016 The health centre, traditionally renowned for quality service, suffers from financial and formal competence constraints. Patients, especially children, are the losers. The managing body determined to preserve the hallmark of the centre. The number of patients transferred to Kabezi hospital from Mutumba health centre has increased in the last (...)