' The waste storage in Kamenge 14th avenue

Kamenge residents complain about waste storage near their houses

01-10-2017 Some Kamenge inhabitants of the 5th and 14th avenues complain that the associations in charge of hygiene and sanitation in Ntahangwa commune have chosen to store wastes from different homes of the quarter, in front of their houses. “We, residents of this place, have a serious problem. It’s very (...)
' Eduard Juma: "Extra lessons are no longer in the interest of students"

Stakeholders disagree on suspension of extra-lessons in secondary schools

01-07-2017 Education officials, parents and students have diverging opinions on the suspension by the Education Ministry of extra-classes that were offered to help students. The Education Ministry decided on Wednesday 4 January 2017 to temporarily suspend lessons that were offered to middle and high school students after regular class hours. (...)
' Cataract

Hope for better and affordable cataract surgery

01-06-2017 Burundi has now potentials to offer better and low-cost care to cataract patients thanks to a recent acquisition of advanced surgical materials. Burundian cataract patients will be treated with up-to-date surgical equipment and medical materials that the Ministry of Public Health has recently acquired. The treatment might be at (...)
' Cholera contained in Cibitoke Province…

Cholera contained in Cibitoke Province…

01-05-2017 “Out of 31 people who were infected by cholera in Cibitoke district, 11 have now recovered and fortunately no one died”, says Dr Thaddée Ndikumana, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health. He says the situation is under control, the program for fight against epidemic diseases has enough medications. “Patients (...)
' CONAPES Union says “teachers are far from being sufficient”

CONAPES Union says “teachers are far from being sufficient”

01-05-2017 The chairman of Burundian teachers’ Union-CONAPES, Emmanuel Mashandari, says the number of teachers allowed by the 2017 budget is not enough. Only 800 teachers will be recruited; 400 in secondary education and 400 remaining others in primary education. “The number of teachers planned in the 2017 budget is too (...)
' Women leaders from the provinces of Rumonge and Bujumbura city attending the workshop.

Women not adequately represented in decision-making process

01-02-2017 The main problem Burundi women are currently faced with is their limited participation in decision-making process, says a woman leader. 45 women leaders from Rumonge and Bujumbura city provinces have been trained in negotiation techniques to allow them to express their opinions and be part of the country’s decision-makers. (...)
' The construction of  buildings such as this violates article 5 of the Water Code in Burundi that forbids  building up to 150 metres from the Tanganyika shoreline.

Corruption threatens biodiversity in Lake Tanganyika

01-02-2017 The water of Lake Tanganyika is becoming increasingly polluted partly due to the classic cause: human activity. Authorities in the Ministry in charge of environment say building in protected areas, especially on the lakeside of Bujumbura city, and raw sewage dumped at the lake have polluted its water. Fish (...)
' Gabriel Rufyiri, OLUCOME Chairman on the left and Gilbert Bécaud Njangwa, ONELOP Chairman on the right

Two non -profit associations oppose law on term limit

12-29-2016 The Centre for Fight against Corruption and Economic Embezzlement in Burundi-OLUCOME and the Coalition of Burundian Civil Society Organizations-ONELOP say they are against the limitation of terms for non-profit associations. “Some leaders of non-profit associations wish to be at the head of their organizations forever and ever”, says Pascal (...)
' Gilbert Nzambimana, SYNAPA union-CNPK section chairman «The union has decided to extend the strike notice by three weeks."

SYNAPA union postpones strike

12-27-2016 Members of SYNAPA Union at Kamenge Neuropsychiatric Center-CNPK section have decided to extend the strike notice by three weeks. They say the health ministry has promised to find an immediate solution to their problems in a meeting held with the union on 16 December. The causes of CNPK section (...)
' Séraphine Manirambona, Chairwoman of BAPA “"We need a law regulating the consumption, marketing and manufacture of alcoholic beverages,"

Burundi needs national policy on alcohol

12-27-2016 On 26 December, Burundi Alcohol Policy Alliance-BAPA, a coalition of eight civil society associations fighting against alcohol abuse, called on the Burundian authorities to introduce a legislation regulating the consumption and marketing of alcoholic beverages. Séraphine Manirambona, Chairwoman of BAPA says that despite the fact that everyone is aware (...)