' At Buterere wastewater treatment plant, all waste flows into the lake.

Tanganyika Lake: Dumping ground

06-26-2017 Household waste, wastewaters from factories, insecticides … everything ends up in Lake Tanganyika. An environmentalist denounces a kind of “Ingratitude”. At Ku mase side,in Ngagara area of Ntahangwa commune in the north of the Burundian capital Bujumbura, a channel transports foul and dark wastewaters to Lake Tanganyika. Some locals (...)
' Some pupils sitting for the national test

Some self-directed learners have not been allowed to do national test

06-23-2017 Pupils of grade nine have done the national test from 20 to 22nd June 2017. Though self-directed learners were allowed to sit again for the national test, some of them have not got that chance. The 20th of June was the start of the national test for grade nine (...)
' Deputy Director in charge of care at Kamenge University hospital regrets the suspension of post graduate studies in Medicine faculty.

Kamenge University Hospital short of specialists

06-21-2017 Patients report a great scarcity of specialists at Kamenge University hospital (CHUK). The reality that the management of the hospital regrets. On 13 June, Iwacu met a hopeless mother at Kamenge University Hospital (CHUK) commonly called “Hôpital Roi Khaled”. She was looking for a doctor to operate the tongue (...)
' Some Burundian refugees in Rusenda camp  in the DRC

Burundian refugees need help

06-21-2017 The World Refugee Day which is celebrated every 20th of June occurs when 413.350 Burundian have taken refuge in different countries. They call for assistance. “We have many problems some of which are related to health, education, etc.”, says Emmanuel Ntirampeba, a representative of Rusenda camp refugees in DRC. (...)
' The inhabitants of rural Gikungu fetch water from the Ntahangwa River.

Water shortage in rural Gikungu pushes residents to use Ntahangwa River water

06-20-2017 Three months have just passed without clean water in rural Gikungu area of Ntahangwa commune of Bujumbura. People fear to catch different diseases as they use dirty water from Ntahangwa River. The Company in charge of supplying water and electricity (REGIDESO) says it is aware of the issue and (...)
' Candidates of grade nine are ready to pass the national test, 2017 edition

About 144,795 pupils will pass national test, 2017 edition

06-19-2017 “We have finished all programs and exercises. We think that we will get the chance to succeed”, says Glory Verra, a candidate of grade nine at “Lycée Ngagara” basic school. She says she will do all the best to have good results otherwise she will spend a year at (...)
' Lake Tanganyika is increasingly polluted due to domestic and industrial waste from Bujumbura city

Lake Tanganyika pollution poses major risk for Bujumbura residents

06-17-2017 Environmental activists warn that Lake Tanganyika is increasingly polluted due to domestic and industrial waste from Bujumbura city and villages that is directly dumped into it without any treatment. Already, as one expert says, locals may be drinking unclean water. A. N a mother of four, lives on the (...)
' Street children celebrating African child day

Street children victorious in football match on Day of African Child

06-17-2017 On 16 June every year, African countries celebrate the Day of the African Child. In Burundi, this day comes as more than 2,000 children are living on the streets of Bujumbura, the Burundian capital, says GIRIYUJA, a child rights group. “I started living on the street when I was (...)
' Burundian refugees chased away from Rwanda

Burundian returnees trickle back slowly despite welcome from UNHCR

06-16-2017 37,000 Burundians who fled during the recent crisis—including both registered and unregistered refugees—have now returned, according to UNHCR. But the government claims the number of returnees is closer to 156,000. Abel Mbilinyi, the country representative of UNCHR in Burundi, says 138 Burundian refugees have expressed their desire to return (...)
' Every passer-by can recharge his/her cell phone as he/she wishes

Down Town Hotel Rutegama Jazz: “Godsend for many”

06-15-2017 With electric plugs available to the public, free Wi-Fi connection, the neighboring population comes to take advantage of these free services. From 6p.m at Down Town Hotel Rutegama Jazz located at the University Avenue, in Bwiza central area of the capital Bujumbura, passers-by come to recharge their cell phones (...)