' Gilbert Becaud Njangwa: “The decision will affect private schools’ program as the school year will begin in few days.”

Some private school owners call on Education Minister to suspend school fees harmonization

08-30-2018 The ministry of education has recently decided to harmonize the payment of school fees in private schools in Burundi. The decision sets fees to be paid according to the categories to which schools belong. Some school officials call on the minister to cancel the decision. Gilbert Bécaud Njangwa, Legal (...)
' Pupils waiting to do the national selection test

Selection test for admission to school of excellence characterized by irregularities

08-24-2018 A selection test has been done by the best 6th graders throughout the country to be admitted to the seventh grade in the school of excellence. In Bujumbura city, the test began with a delay of over 3 hours, and cases of absence and cheating were also observed. At (...)
' The three drummers, like the rest of the group, also "vanished into thin air"

Fribourg, Switzerland: the Last Dance

08-23-2018 Some twenty Burundian artists invited to perform at the 44th edition of the Fribourg International Folklore Festival have “vanished into thin air “, to use the words of a Swiss media. I will not comment such “disappearance”, because fleeing one’s country is a personal choice, very difficult and always (...)
' From left to right Venus Muyabaga, representative of AFJC-Berintahe and François-Xavier Ndaruzaniye of Izere Ntiwihebure League

Two local CSOs protest renewal of mandate of UN commission of Inquiry on Burundi

08-23-2018 “We call on the Permanent Representatives of Member and Observer States of the UN Human Rights Council to ignore the request for a resolution of the Human Rights Council to renew the mandate of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Burundi, “said Ndaruzaniye Francois-Xavier, representative of the Izere Ntiwihebure (...)
' sachets

Burundi Association of Consumers denounces ” speculation ” on price of plastic bags

08-22-2018 Two weeks after Burundi president signed a decree banning the import, marketing, manufacture and use of plastic bags, their price has considerably increased. Depending on the type of plastic bags, prices have more than doubled. “This rise is related to the shortage of bags at the points of sale (...)
' The Bujumbura city is swarming with plastic bags

Burundi: Environment activist applauds government decision to ban use of plastic packaging

08-15-2018 “The manufacture, import, storage, marketing and use of plastic bags and all plastic packaging are banned,” reads the presidential decree issued on August 13. “The measure was taken because plastics have a negative impact on the environment, human and animal health,” said Déo-Guide Rurema, Environment Minister at a press (...)
' Benjamin Manirambona was sentenced to 5 years in prison and 10 years without doing public service

Headmaster disguised as student during state exam sentenced to 5 years

08-15-2018 Benjamin Manirambona, a headmaster who was caught doing a national exam for his student has been sentenced to 5 years in prison. Mr Manirambona, Buterere Technical School headmaster, was arrested on Friday 10 August while he was taking a national exam in the place of a student. He was (...)
' Banyamulenge still ask for justice

Survivors of Gatumba massacre ask for justice

08-15-2018 14 years after the massacre of more than 160 people mostly made of Banyamulenge refugees from Congo in Gatumba area of Bujumbura province, survivors still demand justice. Nkubana Vyabagabo, a representative of Banyamulenge living in Burundi, says he does not understand why Burundi justice has not yet judged the (...)
' Over 55% of Burundian youth are unmployed

Burundian youth complain about lack of support

08-14-2018 While the International Youth Day is observed every year on 12 August to draw attention to youth issues worldwide, Burundian youth complain about the lack of support from their elders. “It is getting more and more difficult to find a job. After the academic journey, I became jobless for (...)
' Seized mosquito nets and canoes are burnt

Lake Tanganyika: “Fighting against illegal fishing sites at all cost”

08-10-2018 Gérard Nyandwi, chairman of the Technical Commission for Security and Lake Navigation says an operation to seize and destroy prohibited materials used in fishing has been launched since June 2017. He says about 300 canoes and 1500 mosquito nets previously intended for the fight against malaria were seized and (...)
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