' Dionise Nizigiyimana, Director of PNILP

Malaria still an epidemic in Burundi

04-27-2017 The situation of malaria still calls for more control actions a month after the disease was declared an epidemic on 13 March by the Ministry of public Health. Dionise Nizigiyimana, the Director of the National Integrated Programme for the Fight against Malaria (PNILP) says “though, nationally, its registered cases (...)
' Takayuki Miyashita (in the middle), Japanese Ambassador to Burundi in a joint press conference with three UN agencies (UNDP, WFP and UNICEF)

Japanese Government assistance intended for Cankuzo malnourished people

04-26-2017 In March 2017, the Japanese government granted US $ 2,837,000 financial support to three UN agencies (UNDP-UNICEF-WFP) to be used in youth employment, water and sanitation as well as fight against malnutrition. Nicole Jacquet, the Deputy Country Director of the World Food Program, says Cankuzo eastern Province, has the (...)
' Nicole Jacquet:“ The central purchasing agencies deal with these markets to buy more quantities at lower prices to feed more people.”

Food aid from Rwanda sent back over security reasons

04-25-2017 On 21 April, the WFP convoy carrying food aid from Rwanda was blocked at Gasenyi border in Kirundo Northern Province. The 300 tons of beans intended for 112, 000 people were sent back to Rwanda, on 24 April, for security reasons, police source says. The WFP trucks carrying 300 (...)
' “Jardin Public” is one of the very few green spaces which are protected in Bujumbura

Uncontrolled constructions threaten green spaces in Bujumbura

04-24-2017 Residents from different neighborhoods of the capital Bujumbura say green spaces, which are currently threatened by unregulated constructions, should be protected. They say that while the world celebrates the Earth Day on 22 April each year. “There are no sufficient spaces for games. Unplanned constructions are the main cause (...)
' Antime Baranshakaje was buried at Gishora sanctuary in Gitega Province

Monument to be erected in memory of Burundi famous drummer

04-18-2017 “Burundi lost a cultural hero, a man of great value. Following his outstanding achievements in the promotion of the country’s culture, notably the drum culture, the government plans to erect a monument in his memory”, said Jean Bosco Hitimana, Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport. He said this on (...)
' Drug taking often leads to drug addiction

Drug users say they need medical prescription rather than being arrested

04-17-2017 The Burundian Alliance against HIV/AIDS and for Health Promotion (ABS) organizes from this 17 April, a two-day meeting with the decision-makers on HIV/AIDS and harm reduction for People Who Inject Drugs-PWID. “I have been detained twice in four years- for consuming drugs”, says Daniel Sakiri, 54, a heroin drug (...)
' Gasenyi I: Residents denounce “spoliation”

Gasenyi I: Residents denounce “spoliation”

Owners of 23 houses located within the perimeter of the presidential palace site did not meet the set deadline (7 April) to leave the places. The reason is that they have not been compensated. A bulldozer went into action on Tuesday, 11 April. Written by Egide Nikiza, Christian Bigirimana (...)
' Zuwena who once worked in Oman, says despite the good salary, she would never return there because of denial of freedom.

Human trafficking persists despite country being well-equipped to discourage it

04-14-2017 The Minister of External Relations and International Cooperation has said Burundi has sufficient legal tools for the police and justice to discourage human trafficking. During a Q&A session with the Senate on Thursday, Alain Aimé Nyamitwe, was asked what should be done to prevent the recurrence of cases of (...)
' The homes were not entirely destroyed so as not to damage materials the owners could reuse in their future construction.

Government evicts settlers without compensation to find new shelter

04-12-2017 Residents evicted by the Government say they are going to live in the street following the destruction of their homes on Tuesday before they were given any kind of compensation that would allow them get new shelters. The evacuation concerned 23 houses built in on the north-east outskirts of (...)
' Antime Baranshakaje is mostly known for his role to protect ” Ruciteme ” and ” Murimirwa “, two drums made of the skin of two cows that King Mwezi Gisabo offered to farmer Nyabidaha

Government to conduct funeral of Burundi most famous drummer

04-11-2017 Antime Baranshakaje, 82, the guardian of the sacred drums of Burundi, died in the night of 9 April at Kamenge University Hospital -CHUK, in the capital Bujumbura. He was suffering from a badly fractured thigh after a motorcycle accident. He broke his leg in a motorbike accident six months (...)