' Burundian refugees in Ruyigi returning from Tanzania©Iwacu

2,000 Burundian refugees to be repatriated from Tanzania per week

03-30-2018 The tripartite meeting composed of Burundian and Tanzanian governments as well as UNHCR held in Bujumbura from 26 to 28 March concluded that almost 72.000 Burundian refugees will be voluntarily repatriated by 2018. “There will be two convoys of 1,000 refugees each from 5 April to 31 December 2018,” (...)
' Kenneth Jane: “Innovation does not necessarily entail laboratory usage”.

Rural women to use social innovation and technology for their empowerment

03-29-2018 Rural women are most of the time left behind in technology usage and innovation while they can contribute to the country’s development. This was said by Jennet Kem, UN women representative in Burundi during a symposium about rural women empowerment this 28 March 2018. “Less than 12% of women (...)
' A hippopotamus grazing across Lake Tanganyika

Over 15 hippopotamuses killed within two years in Burundi

03-28-2018 The Burundian Office for the Protection of the Environment reveals that more than 15 hippopotamuses have been killed over the last two years. Environmental activities require compliance with the Water Code to protect this endangered species. “We currently observe hippos wandering in various neighborhoods of Bujumbura like Kibenga, Kinindo, (...)
' Jean Marie Nshimirimana: “Released persons struggle to reintegrate into their communities”.

Presidential pardon receivers face problems to reintegrate into their community.

03-27-2018 From social discrimination to failure to behave like other society members, Presidential pardon receivers struggle to reintegrate into their communities. Activist for prisoners’ rights worries about the situation. The released people sometimes face social discrimination. They are most of the time considered as criminals. “It is really difficult for (...)
' From left to right, Harrison Wingia Mseke, Representative of Tanzanian government,   Térence Ntahiraja, Assistant to the Burundian Minister of Interior and Soufiane Adjali, Deputy Representative of UNHCR in Burundi

Almost 30,000 Burundian refugees willing to return home from Tanzania

03-27-2018 Burundi is hosting a meeting of the tripartite commission composed of Burundi and Tanzania governments and the UNHCR on the process of voluntary repatriation of Burundian refugees. More than 20,000 refugees have returned since September 2017 and almost 30,000 are waiting to be repatriated. The purpose of this meeting (...)
' Desiré Nsengiyumva, Director of Water at REGIDESO “We are very much concerned by the fact that after analyzing the extracted raw water, we find that it is polluted”

World Water Day: Pollution of Lake Tanganyika worries REGIDESO

03-23-2018 “We draw water at 3.5 km from the edge of Lake Tanganyika and at 25 meters deep. We are very much concerned by the fact that after analyzing the extracted raw water, we find that it is polluted, “said Desiré Nsengiyumva, Director of Water at the Burundian company in (...)
' Déo Guide Rurema: “Burundi like other countries in the East African region faces problems in the cotton sector”

Agriculture and Livestock Ministry to launch vaccination against sheep and goats plague soon

03-14-2018 “About 4000 goats have died following a sheep and goats plague that struck Burundi for the first time in December 2017,” Déo Guide Rurema, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, told journalists on Tuesday, 13 March 2018. Ha added that the National Veterinary Laboratory of Bujumbura as well as the (...)
' Kayanza women holding parade on the celebration of the International Women’s Day

Kayanza: Women’s rights not fully respected

03-09-2018 On the occasion of the International Women’s Day which was celebrated on 8 March in Kayanza, some women from that province deplore the fact that their husbands mistreat them. Some say they are physically abused while others accuse their husbands of having concubines. “Some women and I are suffering (...)
' "Fruit and vegetable  saleswomen in Bujumbura town".

Saleswomen requested to join associations

03-09-2018 While the world is celebrating the International Day for Women this Thursday 8 March 2018, Bujumbura saleswomen who do not have permanent places where they keep their goods say that they get no help from richer women who owns associations. Leaders of women’s associations ask them to join the (...)
' femme d iwacu

Happy women’s day to Iwacu women

03-08-2018 Dear colleagues We share this same passion: to inform.It is not always easy.Fortunately ,you are there, with your determination, your courage, this strength behind your smiles.Yes,you sometimes are a little bit “complicated”.We too,it is is true. But without you,Iwacu would not be what it is today.Know that we love (...)
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