' Mubone dump is saturated with wastes

Bujumbura: Towards becoming city of waste?

01-29-2018 Bujumbura residents complain these days that their solid wastes are no longer removed from their houses. Bags are deposited in different corners and streets of the capital Bujumbura. “We don’t know the reasons behind the delay in collecting them. The company in charge of removing wastes has just spent (...)
' Gasenyi area where the government is building President’s office

Gasenyi evicted residents remind environment minister that they are leading miserable life

01-17-2018 Since their eviction in April 2017, former inhabitants of Gasenyi quarter have not yet been relocated. They have staged a sit in this 16 January 2018 in front of the office of the ministry of environment to remind the minister that they are still leading a perilous life. Gérard, (...)
' Kamenge residents coming to follow up their case at the ministry of environment

About 250 people claim compensations over lands taken by government in Kamenge

01-17-2018 After 17 years, residents of Mirango I and II and Gituro zone of Kamenge neighborhood in the northern part of Bujumbura Capital are still claiming compensations after they lost their lands in 1999. “We had fled the civil war and when we returned, we found that our lands were (...)
' Toilets of Nyakabiga Fundamental School destroyed after the banks of the Ntahangwa River burst

Ntahangwa River severely threatening Nyakabiga Fundamental School

01-17-2018 Since 15th January, school children of Nyakabiga Fundamental School, in the center of Bujumbura, do not attend classes. The Ntahangwa River threatens the school premises. In the morning of 16 January, six classes in primary school, i.e. from grade 1 to grade 6, and two kindergarten classes were closed. (...)
' The heavy rain mixed with hailstone destroyed houses and fields

Torrential rain destroys seven houses and damages several crops in Cankuzo province

01-10-2018 The heavy rain, that poured down in the afternoon of this 8 January in the hills of Cankuzo and Muterero of Cankuzo Commune in Cankuzo Province, destroyed houses and hectares of crops of rice, maize, sweet potatoes, beans and bananas. The residents of the affected areas say that torrential (...)
' The newly rehabilitated bridge connecting Ngagara and Mutakura neighbourhoods

Population acknowledges bridge rehabilitation but complains about road quality

12-29-2017 Three bridges have been recently rehabilitated in the northern part of Bujumbura city. The population from the neighbourhood appreciates this government’s initiative but asks it to rehabilitate the roads. The rehabilitation of the bridges over Nyabagere River in Ntahangwa commune of Bujumbura city is acknowledged by the population in (...)
' Rweru River threatened by water hyacinth and pollution

Lake Rweru almost dying out

12-19-2017 The invasion by the water hyacinth and pollution threaten this lake shared by Burundi and Rwanda. The diversion of the Akagera River from Rwanda is the cause of this threat, say local residents. “We saw this plant for the first time since Akagera river left its bank to flaw (...)
' A hippopotamus grazing along Lake Tanganyika in south Bujumbura

Hippo movement in neighborhoods close to Lake Tanganyika, “sign of threat”

11-10-2017 In recent days, residents of Bujumbura say they meet hippos in some neighborhoods near Lake Tanganyika.Environmentalists say these hippos come out of their natural habitat to seek food because they are threatened with hunger. “We are afraid of these hippopotamuses roaming in our neighborhoods. Whenever we see them, we (...)
' Houses near the ravine risk collapsing

Houses and infrastructures under threat of gully in Musaga area

10-26-2017 On the second avenue of Musaga neighborhood in the southern part of the capital Bujumbura, on the right side, a ravine of Mpimba River represents a threat to people and infrastructures surrounding the locality. When it rains, the ravine banks becomes wider and wider. Sand bags have been packed (...)
' Lake Tanganyika continues to be polluted

SETEMU, main source of pollution of Lake Tanganyika?

10-20-2017 Lake Tanganyika is currently being threatened because all wastes from factories and households are dumped directly at it without being treated. This was observed during a visit carried out in factories close to the place commonly known as “Ku mase” by the technical commission in charge of securing the (...)
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