' Pupils waiting to do the national selection test

Selection test for admission to school of excellence characterized by irregularities

08-24-2018 A selection test has been done by the best 6th graders throughout the country to be admitted to the seventh grade in the school of excellence. In Bujumbura city, the test began with a delay of over 3 hours, and cases of absence and cheating were also observed. At (...)
' Benjamin Manirambona was sentenced to 5 years in prison and 10 years without doing public service

Headmaster disguised as student during state exam sentenced to 5 years

08-15-2018 Benjamin Manirambona, a headmaster who was caught doing a national exam for his student has been sentenced to 5 years in prison. Mr Manirambona, Buterere Technical School headmaster, was arrested on Friday 10 August while he was taking a national exam in the place of a student. He was (...)
' Graduates at “Lycée Notre Dame de Rohero” sitting for the examination

60,000 final year post-fundamental school students sit for state exam

08-08-2018 About 60,000 graders in the final year of the post-fundamental school in Burundi have sat for the state exam this August 07, 2018. In Bujumbura city, some minor irregularities were observed. At 8h30 in the morning, we are at “Lycée Notre Dame de Rohero”, in the centre of Bujumbura (...)
' Final year graders in post-fundamental school continue to revise although they haven’t so far known the exact date when they will sit for the exams.

Burundi: Final Year Post-Fundamental School Students Demand State Exam Calendar

07-24-2018 Graders in the final year of the post-fundamental school in Burundi say they are disturbed by the fact that the date for the state exam which gives the successful students access to higher education, has not so far been set. “We don’t know when we will do the state (...)
' “The education minister’s decision violates national and international conventions on human rights”

Activists call on National Assembly to cancel Education Ministry’s decision

07-20-2018 Five local NGOs fighting for children, girls and women’s rights have sent a letter to the Speaker of the National Assembly asking him to suspend the 3rd paragraph of the measure by the ministry of education. The latter is about sanctions imposed on the victims of unwanted pregnancies while (...)
' écolières

African Union Shouldn’t Tolerate Banning Pregnant Girls from School

07-19-2018 By Agnes Odhiambo and Elin Martinez In June, Burundi joined a small group of African countries that ban pregnant girls from continuing with formal education in government schools. Burundi’s Education Ministry banned the boys who get the girls pregnant as well as the girls themselves from going to public (...)
' Edouard Juma: “The decision is not a punishment as many people think”

Recent decision taken by Education Ministry not punishment, says spokesperson

07-11-2018 After the ministry’s decision to force victims of pregnancy in basic and post basic schools to continue their education in vocational schools, the spokesperson for the minister says the decision is not a punishment as many people think. He has said it at a press conference held this July (...)
' Students living with disabilities in front of CNRSP center at Jabe

26 final year students at CNRSP expelled from dormitories

06-29-2018 26 students with disabilities who have come to study at the National Center for Socio-Professional Rehabilitation of Disabled people-CNRSP at Jabe were expelled from dormitories on June 28. They were accused of protesting against the decision taken by the center’s representative sending them back to their families. Jean Marie (...)
' Janvière Ndirahisha "Girls who have been impregnated are not allowed to return to the formal education system"

Pregnant girls and boys who impregnate them forced to attend vocational schools

06-29-2018 “Any school girl who has been a victim of pregnancy or was forced to get married while she was still studying at the basic or post-basic school is not allowed to return to the formal public or private education system,” reads a note issued on 26 June by the (...)
' 9th graders will do the national test for three consecutive days

99.025 canditates expected to pass grade nine national test

06-05-2018 On the eve of the national exam for ninth graders, Firmin Vyumvuhore, chairman of the national commission in charge of the national test in Fundamental School, has said all the test kits have already reached their destination throughout the country. “We are ready. Test papers are now in all (...)
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