' Poverty in families is the leading cause of cases of school dropout

Over 20 thousand pupils drop out of school in Ngozi

11-03-2017 School drop-out rate increases in Ngozi Province. Parents say they are worried. Around 20,555 school children dropped out of school in Ngozi Province during the 2016-2017 school-year. The number of boys who abandoned their studies amounts to 10,534 while girls are 10,021. For the post-basic school, the rate also (...)
' Students will leave schools at 13:55 p.m.

Secondary school teachers complain about new timetable

10-18-2017 The class course duration in the secondary schools has increased from 45 to 55 minutes. Teachers and students complain about the new decision. Courses start every morning at 7:30 and end at 13:55 p.m. instead of 13:00 p.m. as scheduled previously. Even if the ministerial ordinance has not been (...)
' Niyongabo Gerard: “We intend to appeal to the National Commission for  Social Dialogue”

Local Teachers’ Union demands redeployment review

10-03-2017 The teachers’ union – SEPEDUC says the criteria applied to redeploy teachers to different localities do not respect the human rights. “The technical commission in charge of redeploying teachers targeted those with less experience and unmarried ones” says Gérard Niyongabo, the chairman of SEPEDUC. He says following the number (...)
' GSP, one of the medical schools closed

Some private medical schools obliged to close and others suspended

09-07-2017 The ministry of health has decided to close three medical schools and suspend others. It says those schools are closed to improve the quality of education in health sector. Three schools operating in Bujumbura namely Medical institute of Bujumbura known as ITEM, Paramedical school group (GSP) and Salama medical (...)
' The rise in school fees will start with the forthcoming first term scheduled on 11 September

School fees to increase in Burundi

09-06-2017 A week before the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year due on 11 September, the Ministry of Education announces that the school fees are going to increase. In order to harmonize school fee payment, Janvière Ndirahisha, Minister of Education, says the fee for the boarding-school system is now fixed (...)
' Ngozi II Basic School

Beginning of school year 2017-2018 fixed on 11 September

09-05-2017 The spokesman for the Ministry of Education has announced this 5 September that the school year 2017-2018 will begin on 11 September 2017. The school year 2017-2018 will begin on 11 September for basic and post-basic schools, said Juma Edouard, spokesman for the Ministry of Education on 5 September. (...)
' Some teachers waiting to be received at the Ministry of Education

Teachers complain about redeployment process

09-05-2017 Dozens of teachers newly redeployed to different schools have staged a sit-in in front of the Ministry of Education since the last week. “This is a grave injustice”, says angrily a teacher who has been moved 50 km away from his home and former school. As many teachers indicated, (...)
' Pupils sitting for a test at Ngagara Lycée

Some pupils not interested in test to enter school of excellence

08-30-2017 Pupils from different schools have sat for a test that will allow them to study at school of excellence. Some private schools have not sent their pupils to do the entry test. A national selection test for grade 6 pupils who want to attend schools of excellence has been (...)
' Banuza Alexis, Director of CRDS: “Based on the results from on-site visits conducted in 18 provinces, we realized that more than 80% of secondary schools do not have laboratories”

Over 80% of secondary schools don’t have laboratories

08-30-2017 The Center for Didactic Research and Science Dissemination in Burundi (CRDS) of the University of Burundi reveals that 80% of secondary schools in Burundi do not have laboratories to perform scientific experiments. The situation of scientific education in Burundi is worrying, said Alexis Banuza, Director of CRDS. He said (...)
' National-Test

Over 66% of students passed national test 2017 session

08-22-2017 85/200 that is 42.5% for grade nine students and 115/345 that is 33,3% for self-directed learners of grade ten who have not passed the 2016 national test are the minimal scores to be admitted to the post basic school, announced Minister of Education. Over 131 thousand candidates, including more (...)
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