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Rotary Club Bujumbura-Ingoma Assists 350 Albinos with School kits

09-20-2016 This Monday, 19 September, Rotary Club Bujumbura-Ingoma granted assistance of 3480 copybooks and 550 pens to 350 pupils of the association “Albinos sans Frontières”. “Each one will receive ten copybooks”, said Dieudonné Gahungu, the chairman of Rotary Club Bujumbura-Ingoma. According to him, this activity aims at supporting the community (...)
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School of Excellence Candidates under-informed about selection test

09-15-2016 Candidates for the School of Excellence in municipal Bujumbura Education Direction claim they didn’t know well who was eligible for the selection test. The Director says it was probably due to changes in the eligibility instructions. Some candidates for the school of excellence selection test did not have necessary (...)
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Parents question whether “schools of excellence” will yield better results

09-13-2016 The idea of “schools of excellence” is viewed with skepticism by parents who doubt the schools will yield better results. The Ministry of Education claims the outcome will be positive as learners will be in an environment conducive to quality learning. Parents are questioning whether the new “schools of (...)
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Unusual market of school materialsworries retailers

09-02-2016 For small traders downtown Bujumbura, the business of school supplies has unexpectedly lost its lure these days. This is due to a sluggish demand paired with high prices at the wholesalers’. Sellingschool equipment in the inner city of Bujumbura is unusually less profitable so far in this period of (...)
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Burundi university students on strike

08-17-2016 Students of three departments of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Burundi have resumed strike. They protest against the university’s decision to suspend some students for not having respected the ultimatum to resume studies issued by the rector. For them, that measure was both (...)
' Summer camps in Bujumbura

Summer camps in Bujumbura

08-02-2016 On 1 August, the education minister along with the UNICEF representative in Burundi officially launched summer camps for 10,000 children and young people of Bujumbura. International organizations like the UNICEF, UNFPA, WFP and the United Nations Volunteers program came together to support the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and (...)
' The teaching staff disgruntled over redeployment

The teaching staff disgruntled over redeployment

07-22-2016 About 105 primary school teachers of Gitega Commune (in central province of the country) are transferred to other localities. They stand against the unjust decision. Headmasters would be responsible for rigging files of teachers redeployed. “This is an outright injustice”, says angrily a teacher who has been moved 20 (...)
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School insurance in Burundi

01-22-2015 School insurance should cover accidents suffered by students during school hours and breaks or on the journey to school. Some parents complain that when accidents occur, they are not compensated even though they pay for insurance fees each year.-By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse “One day, I received a call from (...)
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Medical students with EAC standard norms

01-13-2015 The Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research has launched a new system for selecting medical laureates in the medical faculty. After the national exam, laureates will have to take another exam to be allowed to study in that faculty.-By Diane Uwimana According to Pr Anastasie Gasogo, Director General (...)
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No Good Results Expected in Primary and Secondary schools

01-09-2015 The programs of primary and secondary schools resumed on 5 December, after a two-week holiday.Syndicates of teachers predict bad results at the end of the school year if nothing is done.–By Jean Berchmans Siboniyo Blue and white, black and white, or purple and yellow; these are pairs of color (...)