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Education reform failure: the old shines more brightly than the new

01-25-2017 Growing evidence suggests that the Basic Education system that was adopted in 2013 yields worse results than the system it came to replace. End term results of the first year of post-basic education of the new system show that students who came from the old system have performed better (...)
' Candidates of grade nine are ready to pass the national test, 2017 edition

No more payment for extra classes, says Education Minister

01-18-2017 “Extra classes are free in fundamental schools” a decision communicated by the minister of education in a press conference on Monday, 16 January 2017. In the press conference held on 16 January, JanviereNdirahisha, Minister of Education said they realized that fees for those sessions are compulsory while education is (...)
' Candidates of grade nine are ready to pass the national test, 2017 edition

Books Delay impact on Post- basic Education

01-11-2017 The delay of books in different post- basic schools in Burundi leads to non-completion of the programs. Teachers from two public secondary schools in Bujumbura city council, namely” Lycée Municipal Rohero” and” Lycée Municipal Bwiza” (in Mukaza commune), call on the government to avail books for the 2nd term (...)
' Eduard Juma: "Extra lessons are no longer in the interest of students"

Stakeholders disagree on suspension of extra-lessons in secondary schools

01-07-2017 Education officials, parents and students have diverging opinions on the suspension by the Education Ministry of extra-classes that were offered to help students. The Education Ministry decided on Wednesday 4 January 2017 to temporarily suspend lessons that were offered to middle and high school students after regular class hours. (...)
' CONAPES Union says “teachers are far from being sufficient”

CONAPES Union says “teachers are far from being sufficient”

01-05-2017 The chairman of Burundian teachers’ Union-CONAPES, Emmanuel Mashandari, says the number of teachers allowed by the 2017 budget is not enough. Only 800 teachers will be recruited; 400 in secondary education and 400 remaining others in primary education. “The number of teachers planned in the 2017 budget is too (...)
' Professor Venant Bamboneyeho: “I am overwhelmed; it’s the first time the University of Burundi pays tribute to retired teachers”.

University of Burundi: Senior teachers retire, but who will fill the vacuum?

12-18-2016 On 16 December 2016, the University of Burundi organised a ceremony to bid farewell to senior professors of the Faculty of Human Sciences. Gertrude Kazoviyo, a teacher and one of the organizers of the event, deplored the fact that the university was sending teachers on retirement when they were (...)
' René Claude Rukundo: 135 unemployed teachers are already registered in Mukaza Directorate communal

Mukaza Unemployed people have no hope in census results

12-16-2016 A new census of teachers will not address the unemployment problem, according to the education minister. The census, he said, will only register teachers, not create jobs. But it will at least make sure those who have waited longest are the first to get positions as they arise. The (...)
' Jean Sévérin Ndayisenga, COPHIBU representative (left),  Islon Ninkingiye, IETV Chairperson (middle) and Joséphine Ntahobari, UNESCO representative (right)

COPHIBU and IETV groups call for tolerance among Burundians

11-17-2016 Burundi philosophers association (COPHIBU) and the Initiative for education on tolerance and non-violence –IETV have joined the world this Thursday 17 November in celebrating the day dedicated to tolerance and philosophy. They call for peaceful coexistence among Burundians. Islon Ninkingiye, Legal representative of the initiative for education on tolerance (...)
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CONAPES disapproves of teachers dependence on communes

11-02-2016 During the closing ceremony of the campaign held in all 119 communes of the country on 28 October, Révérien Ndikuriyo, the senate speaker insisted on the need to decentralize primary and secondary education services including staff payment. Stella Budiriganya, the senate spokesperson says the idea resulted from the suggestions (...)
' Acute shortage of textbooks in post-fundamental school system

Acute shortage of textbooks in post-fundamental school system

10-26-2016 Since one month that the post-basic school system has begun, some challenges are still there like the lack of sufficient textbooks and large classes. At “Lycée Municipal de Musaga”, in southern Bujumbura the capital, two sections compose the post-basic school, i.e. languages and sciences. Each section has about 200 (...)