EAC integration
' 18th Summit of EAC Heads of State in Dar -Es- Salaam, Tanzania

Summit of surprises

05-29-2017 The long awaited meeting of the East African Community Heads of State took place on 20 May. It particularly led to the support for the position taken by Burundi against the EU. Bujumbura was seething since the announcement of the summit of Heads of State of the East African (...)
' Faustin Ndikumana: “There are many points concerning the contribution to 2020 elections that need to be clarified”

“Sanctions against Burundi”, only EAC pretext for refusal to sign EPA, says local NGO

05-24-2017 PARCEM says, to show solidarity, the EAC region should carry out concrete actions to help Burundi overcome its socio-economic and political woes. PARCEM, a local NGO, dismisses the claim that East African Community refusal to sign the EAC-EU Economic Pact Agreement (EPA) has something to do with solidarity with (...)
' The EAC Heads of State fully endorsed the assessment and adopted the dialogue progress report

Civil Society unsatisfied with outcomes of 18th EAC summit

05-23-2017 « The East African Community is unable to find a solution to the Burundi crisis which has already claimed more than 2,000 human lives, forced at least 500,000 people into exile, made hundreds of Burundians victims of enforced disappearances and led to arbitrary arrests of more than 8,000 people”, (...)
' EAC Heads of State seem to neglect Burundi crisis, politicians say

EAC Heads of State seem to neglect Burundi crisis, politicians say

05-23-2017 The EAC Heads of State met on 20 May, in Dar-Es-Salaam-Tanzania, in the 18th ordinary summit. Burundi politicians differ over the outcomes of the summit. “The outcomes of the 18th EAC Heads of state are somehow a satisfaction and disappointment”, says Tatien Sibomana, a politician from Uprona party. He (...)
' The opening of the 6th East African Health and Scientific Conference and International Health Exhibition and Fair on 29 March in Bujumbura

Burundi hopes to benefit from EAC health and scientific expertise

03-30-2017 As Burundi hosts the 6th East African Health and Scientific Conference, the Public Health Ministry, says such regional undertaking has potentials to help the country cope with health issues. “It is necessary that we sit together with doctors and people with different expertise [of the region] to decide on (...)
' Zachary Muita, ICGLR Executive Secretary (right) and Libérat Mfumukeko (left), EAC Secretary General speaking to the media

EAC and ICGLR eager to tackle regional issues together

03-27-2017 The East African Community (EAC) and the International Conference for the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) jointly has organized from 27 March, a two-day meeting in the capital Bujumbura to discuss the regional challenges. “We shall seek to develop common positions in tackling the political problems affecting some of the (...)

Burundi failed to give its contribution to 2016 EAC financial budget

03-20-2017 The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), deeply concerned by the poor financial situation of the East African Community, has passed a resolution urging the Council of Ministers to immediately convene under matters of urgency to solve the financial crisis in the community. Sanctions should be imposed on the partner (...)
' EALA Burundian MPs during a press conference in Bujumbura

Five Burundi MPs decide to boycott 5th EALA session in Kigali

03-02-2017 Five out of seven Burundian MPs of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA]) announced that they will not participate in the EALA fifth session to be held in Kigali from 5 to 17 March. They say they fear for their safety. “Emérence Bucumi, Léonce Ndarubagiye, Jean Mari Muhirwa, Isabelle (...)
' EALA Burundian MPs during a press conference in Bujumbura

Burundi EALA MPs plan to meet various groups of Burundians

11-01-2016 The Group of Burundi East African Legislative Assembly MPs, has held this 31 October a press conference to inform Burundians about activities conducted by this EAC institution in plenary sessions that took place in Tanzania in August and October 2016 in Arusha and Zanzibar respectively.”As the process of Burundi (...)
' Me-Dieudonné-Bashirahishize

EAC court of justice not to rule on Nkurunziza’s third term case

09-30-2016 The East African Community (EAC) Court of Justice found the complaints about President Pierre Nkurunziza’s third term unfounded. The EAC’s civil society collective, EACSOF, made the complaints but the court said it cannot rule on a case already decided by the local courts. Burundi’ government represented by the Lawyer (...)
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