EAC integration
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Further delays for the EAC Political Federation

12-20-2014 Heads of State were planning to agree on a timeline for Political Federation during the 16th EAC Heads of States Summit held in Nairobi on 30 November, but have stalled progression by asking for further studies.-By Diane Uwimana A Political Federation is the ultimate goal of East African Community (...)
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EAC youth is called upon to‘Think, Speak and Participate’

12-17-2014 The 1st EAC Youth Conference held in Arusha, Tanzania on 5-6 December 2014, focused on the importance of technology and communication, while stressing leadership and creativity skills.-By Yves Didier Irakoze The main goal of the Conference is to provide a platform to disseminate the East African Community’s Youth Policy, (...)
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Only Innovations Can Reduce Costs in EAC

12-10-2014 Trade Mark East Africa, an organization promoting trade in East Africa, launched the ‘Logistics and Innovation For Trade’ (LIFT) fund in Burundi last week,to help reduce the cost of transport and logistics in East Africa.-By J.BerchmansSiboniyo The idea originates in an analysis carried out by the World Bank (WB) (...)
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Burundi ratifies the EAC Monetary Union Protocol

12-09-2014 Burundi has joined Rwanda and Tanzania in ratifying the East African Community Monetary Union Protocol. The Protocol aims to harmonize monetary and fiscal policies and establish a common central bank for the East African Community. It is thought that a monetary union, with the absence of currency risk, provides (...)
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East Africa Junior Tennis Competition

12-02-2014 Tennis players under 18, from Africa, America and Europe are gathered in Burundi for the East Africa Junior Circuit U 18, from 17 November to 6 December at Entente Sportive to Bujumbura.-By Yves Didier Irakoze According to Hassan Murisho, a coach at the East Africa Tennis Training Center at Entente (...)
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Burundian Vice President of the East African Law Society

12-02-2014 The Burundian lawyer Dieudonné Bashirahishize has been elected Vice President of the East African Law Society (EALS), during the 19th Annual Conference in Kigali on 15 November 2014. -By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse Dieudonné Bashirahishize is an active member of the Burundi Bar Association. He graduated in the Law faculty (...)
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Burundi should focus on its EAC membership

11-24-2014 Burundi is a Member State of COMESA, CEEAC, EAC and CEPGL and has signed partnerships with other regional economic organizations. What is the value of these economic blocs?-By J.BerchmansSiboniyo Dr. Léonidas Ndayizeye, the Dean of the faculty of Economic Sciences and Management at the University of Burundi feels that (...)
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The Single Customs Territory experiences startup problems

10-31-2014 Since July 2014, EAC revenue officers work together to facilitate trade within the community. Some improvements remain made; the Single Customs Territory (SCT) does present some advantages.–Diane Uwimana “Since the single customs territory is operational, clearing processes are established in the country of destination while the goods are still (...)
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EAC armed forces working together

10-24-2014 A Field Training Exercise (FTX) of EAC Partner States’ Armed Forces was officially launched in Burundi, in Mwaro Province on 19 September 2014. The main objective is to practice together on how to maintain peace and security in the region.-By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse The launching ceremony is an elaborate (...)

Playing sport to enhance local authority cooperation

10-17-2014 Ugandahosted the East African Local Authorities Sports and Culture Association (EALASCA)from 28th September to 5thOctober 2014 in Kampala.–By Yves Didier Irakoze The main objective of EALASCA is to reinforce friendship between City Councils in the region and to share cultures and customs. Phocas Mpezindagano, Cultural and Socio-sportive Counselor in (...)