Jean Bigirimana
' Jean Baptiste Baribonekeza calls the ICC to end with the preliminary exams on Burundi

CNIDH: no clue about the whereabouts of Jean Bigirimana

08-05-2016 Investigations by CNIDH could not help find journalist Jean Bigirimana. But there is some hope he is still alive. Is journalist Jean Bigirimana still alive? Where is he? Journalists were anxious as they waited for the results of investigations by the CNIDH (National Independent Commission on Human Rights) this (...)
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In anguish, Iwacu awaits the news about journalist Jean Bigirimana

08-04-2016 As promised to Iwacu, the chairman of CNIDH (National Independent Commission on Human Rights) went to Muramvya Wednesday afternoon to investigate the whereabouts of journalist Jean Bigirimana. The Commission chairman was expected to give a press conference the night of the very day. Eventually, the commission announced the conference (...)
' Breaking: Jean Bigirimana still alive, beaten and starving

Breaking: Jean Bigirimana still alive, beaten and starving

08-03-2016 Pieces of information persist pointing to the fact that journalist Jean Bigirimana may be detained in one of the National Intelligence Service’s cells in Muramvya province. This contradicts the enduring denial by the Burundian police that the intelligence service detains the journalist. Our sources say that “he has been (...)
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Disappearance of Jean Bigirimana : unacceptable silence of the Burundian police

08-02-2016 11 days on, Jean Bigirimana, the Iwacu journalist has gone missing. 11 days of anxiety and questions but especially in the deafening silence of the national police. The last communication in connection with what appears increasingly like a kidnapping goes back to the tweet of the spokesman of the (...)
' Jean Bigirimana discussing with a colleague.

Portrait/ “Jean, a courageous journalist and a great worker”

08-01-2016 A week on with no news of our colleague Jean Bigirimana. Relatives, friends and former colleagues speak of a good family, active and hardworking man. ” He consults me on each and every issue. He is my husband and my friend at the same time”, the wife of Jean (...)
' Iwacu is extremely concerned about the journalist, Jean Bigirimana

Iwacu is extremely concerned about the journalist, Jean Bigirimana

07-26-2016 On the 5th day of the unexplained disappearance of the journalist, from Brussels, the Iwacu Press Group Manager, Antoine Kaburahe, makes an appeal to Burundian authorities. Since the afternoon of last Friday, 22 July, we have no record of our colleague, Jean Bigirimana. While during the weekend the most (...)
' Iwacu is extremely concerned about the journalist, Jean Bigirimana

Alert – Jean Bigirimana, Iwacu journalist arrested and detained in an unknown place

07-25-2016 According to reliable sources, this former journalist of Rema FM radio recently recruited by the Iwacu Press Group was arrested in the afternoon this Friday, 22 July by the agents that would be of the National Intelligence Service- SNR. This is an anonymous call from a “friend of the (...)
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