' Karenga Ramadhani and Aimée Divine Niyokwizigirwa: Journalists without a professional card won’t be allowed to work in Burundi from 2018

Burundi Media Regulator-CNC warns media that don’t comply with its regulations

11-17-2017 Burundi Media Regulator-CNC warns media houses that will not conform to its rules and regulations will not work in Burundi from 2018. Journalists should be registered and media should sign a specification note. Burundi Media Regulator-CNC says it will not be easy for media houses that will not have (...)
' Ramadhan Karenga: “The government should honor its obligations by setting up a fund to improve working conditions of media houses and journalists”

Press law needs application texts for greater fulfillment

11-15-2017 The press law of 2015 needs its effective implementation for the added value of media houses and journalists. Ramadhan Karenga, the chairman of National Media Regulator (CNC) says the 2015 press law offers many advantages that benefited media houses and journalists. It was on the occasion of the celebration (...)
' Nestor Bankumukunzi: “Burundian journalists are not persecuted in their daily job”

Burundian journalists lack forum to discuss their challenges

11-02-2017 On 2 November, Burundi joins the world in celebrating the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists. Some Burundian journalists say they lack a forum where they can talk about the problems they are often faced with. “It’s a big challenge that we do not have a (...)
' Screenshots of Iwacu and Ikiriho sites which are not accessible

Website inaccessibility, technical problem ?

10-20-2017 The websites of some Burundian media are currently inaccessible from Burundi. For experts in the field who have been contacted, it’s a real cause for concern. Since October 10, access to Iwacu website has been disrupted in Burundi, not say that it has been blocked. The same is true (...)
' Women who participated as resource in Burundi media represent only 40%

Burundian women represented at 6% in media, says AFJO

10-12-2017 Burundian women journalists say they are not sufficiently represented. They accuse media officials of underestimating them. The Association of Burundian Women Journalists calls on media officials to increase the representation and participation of women in the media. The number of male journalist is far superior to that of women, (...)
' RPA radio, one of the radio stations banned from broadcasting

Radio and television stations banned from operating and another one suspended

09-29-2017 Burundi Media Regulator-CNC has withdrawn an operating licence from some radio and television stations set ablaze and closed during the political crisis in 2015. Another medium has also been suspended for three months. Representatives of those media speak of injustice. CNC has withdrawn the operating licence from some radio (...)
' women who participated as resource in Burundi media represent only 40%

IDUAI in Burundi: Journalists demand cooperation for public information

09-29-2017 While the world celebrates the International Day for Universal Access to Information (IDUAI) on September 28th, some Burundian journalists demand access to information and equal treatment. The ministry of information says journalists are well and equally treated. Some Burundian journalists face problems related to information access. They say they (...)
' Aimée Divine Niyokwizigirwa: “The signing of CNC specifications is a prerequisite for all the press and communication houses operating in Burundi”.

Media houses must comply with CNC Specifications by 31 July

06-21-2017 “All the media houses whose specifications have not been updated and signed at the National Communication Council [CNC] are requested to update them without delay. Otherwise, they will be considered as irregular”, says Aimée Divine Niyokwizigirwa, deputy chairperson of and spokesperson for CNC. She says that for public and (...)
' Burundi has lost its once-promising rating for the freedom of the press

Burundi media regulator speaks for press freedom

06-06-2017 The government media regulator authority speaks against administrative officials’ interference with the freedom of journalists. The chairman of National Media Regulator (CNC) urges administrative authorities to stop hampering the work of accredited journalists. In a meeting Ramadhan Karenga, the Chairman of CNC, held this Tuesday with media professionals, he (...)
' Pierre Nkurikiye, Spokesman for Burundi Police handing Antediteste Niragira, correspondent of Deutsche Welle over to Aimée Divine Niyokwizigirwa, Spokesperson for CNC

DW correspondent set free after detention in DRC

05-23-2017 The Burundian police have handed over the Burundian journalist, Antediteste Niragira working for the German channel Deutsche Welle, to the National Communication Council (CNC). He has been detained in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 17 May. Deutsche Welle correspondent Antediteste Niragira, who had just been released from Uvira (...)
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