Human Right

Newly appointed CNDIH commission committed to working hard for all Burundians

During the handover of duties and responsibilities between the former and the new team of Burundi National Independent Human Rights Commission-CNDIH, the new president of the commission has promised to work hard for all Burundians.

Sixte Vigny Nimuraba and Jean Baptiste Baribonekeza during the handover process

Sixte Vigny Nimuraba, new president of CNDIH has said the newly appointed commissioners will work together and hard to reinforce and protect human rights for all Burundians. “We have vowed that we will be independent and impartial to serve all Burundians. We will work hard to fulfill our role”.

Mr Nimuraba says the commissioners will use their experience and devotion to make sure that there is no human rights violation during the upcoming elections. “All the newly appointed commissioners know the challenges they face as the elections are approaching. We will redouble our effort and work accordingly”.

He says he will collaborate with everybody for the smooth running of the commission’s activities. “I will collaborate with all members of the commission. We will collaborate with the population, civil society, government and international organizations to reinforce human rights”.

While CNIDH was officially downgraded from status “A” to “B” by the Sub-Committee on Accreditation of the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions in February 2018, the new chairman has promised to work hard not to be upgraded but to satisfy Burundians.

“Those who assess will base their assessment on our work. We promised to work hard not for the assessment but for the satisfaction of Burundians,” he said.

The downgraded status, means that CNIDH has lost its right to vote in international forums. It also affects the financial support by international donors.

CNDIH was established in 2011 and was first chaired by Emmanuel Ntakarutimana. He was replaced by Jean Baptiste Baribonekeza in 2015. The latter has been replaced by Sixte Vigny Nimuraba this Friday April 26, 2019.