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National Observatory for Genocide prevention against UN High-Commissioner for Human Rights Report

Jean De Dieu Mutabazi, Chairman of the National Observatory for the prevention and eradication of genocide, war crimes and other crimes against Humanity dismisses the report recently presented by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to the UN Security Council.

Jean de Dieu Mutabazi : « Such an incendiary speech is unproductive”

Jean de Dieu Mutabazi : « Such an incendiary speech is unproductive”

In the 37th Session of the Human Rights Council, the High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein decried “some of the most prolific slaughterhouses of humans in recent times” – Syria’s Eastern Ghouta region, the Ituri and Kasai regions of Congo, the embattled city of Taiz in Yemen, Burundi and Burma’s northern Rakhine state.

He denounced “minimal action” taken even though his office has repeatedly exposed human rights violations that “should have served as a trigger for preventive action”.

The chairman of that National Observatory says the human rights situation in Burundi is normal except some crimes committed due to several reasons and adds that they are being investigated. He also says the human rights laws do not allow qualifying a country as slaughterhouse of humans.

Jean de Dieu Mutabazi urges the UN Secretary-General to instruct the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to reconsider his remarks and stop his fury against Burundi. “The High Commissioner must be objective, honest and avoid making false accusations against Burundi. Such an incendiary speech is unproductive,” he says.

He accuses the High Commissioner of disrupting peace and serenity that currently prevail in Burundi instead of promoting peace.

Jean De Dieu Mutabazi says the observatory’s main mission is to maintain the human rights situation at a satisfactory level in Burundi.

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