Man seriously injured in grenade attack in Buganda Commune

Gervais Hatangimana was grievously wounded in a grenade attack carried out at his home in Buganda Commune of Cibitoke Province in the north-western part of Burundi. The incident took place in the night of March 20. Local authorities say the grenade was launched by a policeman called Celestin Nitunga based in that commune.

Cibitoke Province chief town

Jacqueline Irambona, Hatangimana’s wife, says her husband is a victim of her refusing to have an affair with Nitunga. “He proposed me to have sex with him and I refused. Since then, he vowed to hurt me and he has just executed his plan,” Irambona says.

Innocent Kazihise, the neighbor of the victim says the alleged perpetrator of the attack was also wounded by the same grenade. “It’s Nitunga, the policeman who threw the grenade which also wounded him,” Kazihise told Iwacu.

A source on the spot reveals that the victim’s neighbors would have avenged themselves on him if security forces had not intervened on time.
Emmanuel Bigirimana, Administrator of Buganda commune admits that the crime was committed adding that Nitunga is subjected to investigation by the prosecutor’s office in Cibitoke province. He believes that the reason behind the crime would be the settling of accounts between the policeman and the victim’s family.