ICGLR delegation in Burundi to assess security situation

A group of delegates from different country members of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) landed in Bujumbura this Monday 09th July 2018. The objective of their visit is to assess security situation in Burundi.

Omar Suliman Wanessee: “Our delegation has come to assess the security situation in Burundi”

Omar Suliman Wanessee: “Our delegation has come to assess the security
situation in Burundi”

Omar SulimanWanessee, speaker of states council in the republic of Sudan and leader of the delegation, says they come to assess the security situation in order to respond to the 2016 resolution of ICGLR country members. “This three-day visit will help me and my teammates to meet the chief executive, MPs and ICGLR country members’ ambassadors to discuss the security and humanitarian situation in Burundi,” he says adding that they will hold a press conference to announce their findings at the end of the meeting.

Pascal Nyabenda, Speaker of the National Assembly, who welcomed the delegation at the airport, says this visit is motivated by ICGLR country members’ concerns about the prevailing situation in Burundi. “Every time we have held a meeting together since 2015, ICGRL has always expressed worries about security in Burundi,” he says.

Mr Nyabenda says these worries have given rise to the adoption of a resolution in January 2016. “The delegation has come to assess the situation so as to rule on the resolution in the next meeting that will be held in Congo Brazzaville in December 2018”.

About the question of the diplomatic relations between Rwanda and Burundi, The Speaker of the National Assembly says ICGLR has not yet expressed its stance but will deal with it soon as both countries are members of the same community.

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