Four people arrested in Muramvya province amid referendum

4 people have been arrested this Thursday May 17, 2018. They were accused of disrupting the constitutional referendum process.

People waiting to vote at Lycée Muramvya polling station.

People waiting to vote at Lycée Muramvya polling station.

Patrick, aged 30, was arrested in the morning of this Thursday at a polling station located at Lycée Muramvya. After casting a vote, the young man tore up the ballot paper in two and was immediately arrested by the police. Another old woman did the same but was not arrested. “Perhaps she did it because of ignorance”, said the president of the voting center.

Another woman was arrested at a polling station at Lycée Muramvya, she was also accused of tearing the ballot paper into pieces.

At Mwegera polling station in Mbuye Commune of the same province, another person was arrested. He was accused of preaching against the referendum to the people who were queuing waiting to cast a vote.
An electoral agent was apprehended early in the morning at Kiganda polling station because he was found in the voting room before time (1a.m). He was accused of seeking to rig the election.

Some sources reveal that all the four people who have been arrested are from Amizero y’Abarundi political coalition.

Isidore Ryakiye, provincial police commissioner, confirms the arrests.

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