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LifeNet International, the American NGO operating in Burundi involved in training, care, management and supply medical is providing a training for nurses on teeth extractions, as well as providing free health care for teeth extractions for community members.Yves Didier Irakoze

 Nurses extracting teeth to the patient ©Iwacu

Nurses extracting teeth to the patient ©Iwacu

According to Elin Henrysson, National Director of LifeNet International, the NGO started to provide trainings on teeth extraction to nurses in some areas at Health Centers where LifeNet International is working in partnership as well as providing free teeth extraction care to patients.
“This activity was started at Kiremba hospital at Bururi province in South and now is operating at Croix Rouge Kinindo Health Center. Following this, our campaign will be extended to other regions”, says Henrysson.
Aristide Mbonihankuye, Doctor and person responsible for the medical program in LifeNet International, mentions that this activity will later cover other centers, these being Kayogoro Health Centre (Makamba province) from 10-12 February, Mariya Mwiza Health Centre (Gitega province) from 17-19 February, Mugara Health Centre (Bururi province) from 24-26 February, Kagari Health Centre (Muyinga province) from 10-12 March, Maramvya Health Centre (Kayanza province) from 17-19 March, and at Mwaro from 24-28 March.

Dr Mbonihankuye indicates that these trainings help nurses to obtain both tools as well as technical competences on how to extract teeth with the best quality care. This training will also help them to be able to extract teeth themselves and to be able to do it in a best practice way without sending their patients to other hospitals. “It is a way to enable those nurses to be able to take care and to take charge, as well as to provide services to patients who need them”, stated Dr Mbonihankuye.
He advised that they receive approximately 100 patients per day.
“We previously thought that the problems of teeth were not major, however, we found that there are many patients who do have the big problems and become sick as a result of the condition of their dental conditions, considering the number of patients we do get per day,” he states.

Dr Mbonihankuye adds that LifeNet International will provide equipment that will enable nurses to be able to care of their patients.
Rénovat Ntoreyimana, 28 years old is a patient who had his tooth extracted at Croix Rouge Kinindo Health Centre. He expressed his happiness after reporting many years of dental pain leading up to the extraction.
“I am happy that now I feel appeased and that this tooth will no longer and never hurt me anymore. And I appreciate this free health care of LifeNet International,” he says.
He recommended that anyone experiencing dental pain, even if they are concerned and fearful should attend the clinics and be treated because they don’t know and realize bad consequences that can occurs to their entire well-being as a result of poor dental health.

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  1. Dr Aristide

    just to add that in this training, we have the help of Dr Mohammmed Hakim, as you can see in the picture, he is the specialist who trains the nurses

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