Diesel fuel shortage to be solved soon, Ministry of Energy reassures

The shortage of diesel fuel has been reported since last weekend on gas stations of the provinces of the interior of the country as well as in Bujumbura.

One of the gas stations in the north of Bujumbura

One of the gas stations in the north of Bujumbura

Léonidas Sindayigaya, spokesman for the Ministry of Hydraulics, Energy and Mines announced on December 4 that the slowdown in the supply of petroleum products that has been observed in recent days is due to the logistical problem that arose in the fuel sector.

The Ministry reassures the Burundian population. “The supply of diesel fuel at gas stations will resume very soon,” said Léonidas Sindayigaya. He calls on consumers of petroleum products and various partners in the fuel sector not to panic.

Mr Sindayigaya promises that the government will find adequate solutions to this situation. The ministry calls on the various services in Bujumbura as well as those inside the country to fully respect the established order in this sector.

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