Dead body found in Nyakabiga zone

A man’s dead body was found early in the morning of July 16 on Avenue de l’Imprimerie bordered by the Ntahangwa River, Nyakabiga zone, in central Bujumbura. The body had injuries on the head. “The man seems to have been hit on the face,” says a resident of Nyakabiga.

Nzeyimana's body discovered in Nyakabiga zone

Nzeyimana’s body discovered in Nyakabiga zone

The victim is called Gélase Nzeyimana, aged 31, from Gisagara commune, Cankuzo province in eastern Burundi. He was currently staying in Rohero zone, in the center of Bujumbura.

This young man was reportedly killed elsewhere in the night and then thrown to that place after the crime.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security, Pierre Nkurikiye says the police have already initiated investigations.

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