Congolese Refugees continue to flee to Burundi

About 1200 Congolese refugees have arrived in Rumonge Port located in Rumonge southern province this 29 January. They say they come from “Ubwari” island in DRC and are fleeing confrontations between the DRC Army-FARDC and Mayi-Mayi rebellion that have arisen since January 23. However, most of them prefer to continue to Uvira area in DRC rather than staying in Rumonge port.

Refugees cross the border to Rumonge Province by boat

Refugees cross the border to Rumonge Province by boat

The number adds to about 7,000 refugees who have already registered since the outbreak of the confrontations. 1614 of them are Burundians who were doing different activities in DRC.

Humanitarian organizations have started to assist those refugees from this 29 January as they had said last Friday that they hadn’t yet got any assistance since they arrived in Rumonge port.

Those refugees from DR Congo say they are no longer able to bear the dire conditions they live in. “We haven’t received food since we arrived here”, says one of them. They also say there is no toilet in the locality. “There are excrements everywhere in this area”, says another refugee. They also say they will also catch malaria given that they do not have any mosquito nets. About 40 refugees are receiving malaria, diarrhea and vomiting treatment at Rumonge Hospital.

According to the source in Rumonge Province, one woman has already died. The Red Cross has started to disinfect the locality. Those refugees urge the government to ease their return to peaceful localities in their country.

On 26 January, UN refugee Agency had already transported about 5000 refugees to some transit centers located in Ruyigi, Ngozi and Makamba provinces.

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