Bus fare increases by 5% in Burundi

“The bus fare in Bujumbura city increases from BIF 380 to 400, while transport prices inside the country must not exceed a 5% increase for both people and goods,” reads in a communiqué jointly released on August 9th by the Ministries of Commerce, Transport, Energy and Mine as well as the representatives of public transport workers.

The bus fare inside the country increases by 5%

The bus fare inside the country increases by 5%

The cost increase of transportation is due to the recent increase in the price of fuel.
According to the statement, bus fare of Bujumbura suburbs namely Carama, Kiriri, Ruziba, Maramvya, Mirango Roundabout, Kamesa, Rubirizi and Buterere increases by 5%.

Francine Kwizera, a resident of Ngagara fears that vendors of food products will take advantage of the increase in the price of transport to speculate. “This decision to increase the price of fuel will have harmful impact on the living conditions of Burundians. The increase in price of transport will cause the price increase of food. Some sellers will even exaggerate,” she says.
For Mediatrice Nibogora, this increase in fuel price is worsening the poor living conditions of Burundians. “We were already living in difficult conditions, what will happen to us?” Nibogora wonders. She calls on the government to adopt necessary measures to stabilize the price.

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