Burundi: New boss commits himself to accomplish missions assigned to CNC

Ramadhan Karenga has handed over power to Nestor Bankumukunzi, former Minister of Communication to chair the National Communication Council-CNC, after two years and three months at the chairmanship.

Former CNC chairman Ramadhan Karenga (left) replaced by Nestor Bankumukunzi

Former CNC chairman Ramadhan Karenga (left) replaced by Nestor Bankumukunzi

In the plenary session held this 14 June held by CNC members, Nestor Bankumukunzi has been unanimously elected to chair the body.

Among the major priorities, Bankumukunzi says he will proceed with the delivery of press cards and make sure media specifications are respected and new journalists are trained. “We will proceed to the execution of the organic law governing the body which includes the delivery of press cards to journalists,” he says.

Bankumukunzi also says a large number of journalists has already registered. “It’s a continuing activity. Those who haven’t registered yet will do it”, he says.

The new chairman of CNC has also said he will work closely with media professionals to train new journalists,” he says.

Nestor Bankumukunzi says media work will be executed as accurately as possible. “We will better accomplish the missions assigned to CNC”, he says.

Ramadhan Karenga, the outgoing CNC chairman has said about 1000 journalists and media technicians had already registered and will very soon receive their professional cards. “The press cards will also be given to freelancers, media practitioners and interns”, he says. Karenga also believes his successor will ensure that media specifications are respected. “The incoming CNC chairman will ensure that media organizations work in accordance with the law,” he says adding that CNC expects to create four regional offices to follow closely the work of community radio stations.

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