Burundi: Import of small ruminants forbidden until further notice

After a sheep and goat plague that had struck small ruminants throughout the country in December 2017, the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock has removed all measures that were taken to reduce the free movement, trade and slaughtering of those domestic animals, this 13 June.

Déo Guide Rurema: “3,058,150 goats and sheep were vaccinated all over the country

Déo-Guide Rurema: “After 21 days of observation since 23 May, there hasn’t been any added suspected case”

“After 21 days of observation since 23 May, there hasn’t been any added suspected case. Therefore, traders of small ruminants and butchers should resume activities from 13 June,” says Déo Guide Rurema, Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock.

He, however, says the ban on the import of small ruminants is maintained until further notice. “Veterinary services continue to conduct studies to verify the degree of immunity coverage of the national herd before authorizing the introduction of small ruminants from other countries,” he has said.

Over three million goats and sheep have been vaccinated all over the country.

About 8000 sheep and goats had died following the plague that struck them for the time in the country in December 2017.

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