Basketball: zone V Club Championship in Burundi

Zone V championship for men and women in Basketball will be held from 5th to 11th August 2013 at Bujumbura-Burundi. An Interview with Herman Ndayisaba, the Chairman of Burundi Basketball Federationby Lorraine Josiane Manishtse

Herman Ndayisaba, the Chairman of Burundi Basketball Federation.©Iwacu

Herman Ndayisaba, the Chairman of Burundi Basketball Federation.©Iwacu

What is the main objective of that championship?

The main objective of the championship is the elimination competition among teams from Zone V in order to determine the first two teams that will represent the zone in the final round of the 28th FIBA (“Fédération International de Basketball Amateur”) Africa champion Cup 2013 which will take place in November and December.

How many countries are members of Zone V?

Zone V gathers National federations of 11 countries which are Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Egypt, and Soudan. They will all participate in the championship except Egypt and Zanzibar.

How many Burundian Basketball teams will participate?

Star and Urunani will represent men’s Burundian teams and Berco Star and “Les Gazelles” women’s.
Why has Burundi been chosen to host that championship?
Zone V championship is organized in a rotating way; each country organizes the competition in a year, now it is the turn of Burundi to host it. It is the second time that Burundi organizes that kind of competition.

Where will the different matches happen?

Three playgrounds from Bujumbura City Council have been chosen: the first one at the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture, the second one known as Parquet playground at the center of the capital and the third one at Gikungu.

Do you think you have enough financial means to organize all the matches?

The competition shall be held on regulation courts according to the provision of International Rules and Regulation of FIBA. To respond to all the requirements of a good organization, the Country organizer has to avail enough financial and logistical means for the smooth running of all the activities from the beginning to the end.

Burundi Government has promised to offer a financial assistance even though we haven’t got it yet. We are also looking for sponsors and we hope that spectators’ entry fees to attend matches will help us cover some important needs. Basketball fans who would like to sit in VIP’s places will have to pay a special ticket called “Sponsor Ticket” to give their effective support.

Is there any challenge?

Until today there isn’t any challenge. We are doing our best to gather sufficient financial and appropriate logistical means for the success of the championship even though it is not an easy game.

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